How to Protect Basketball

“GOOD SHOES TAKE YOU GOOD PLACES”.  Sports shoes always attract us. Whenever we go to the market or visit some online site for buying the best basketball shoes. They are in very good shape and we get ready to buy them at once. We like the shape and design of the new shoes. But when we use them regularly, only after one week their shape does not remain like new shoes.

Basketball shoes are very expensive, we cannot buy them every week or month. Therefore it is the best idea to protect them after every use.

New shoes are always a good idea but to protect old shoes and keep them like new shoes is the best idea. We can safeguard our shoes with a few simple steps. Read this article carefully and note down the best ideas to protect your shoes for a long time.

1- Cleaning

Cleaning is the best method to secure your expensive basketball shoes. All the cleaning of the shoes is very necessary before you go to bed. The cleaning of just the upper and outer sides of the shoes is not enough. It is important to clean the basketball shoe outer sole, insole, and laces of the shoes on daily basis. To clean the outer part of the shoe is a good idea but it does not safeguard the shoes for a long time. 

It is a common experiment that when we walk and run The insole and outsole of shoes have been worn out most of all. But nobody looks after them regularly. The best way to protect the outer sole is to remove the debris and small pebbles after every use. We can clear the insole of the shoe with a piece of cloth.

2- Wearing socks for better protection

Never use sports or regular shoes without socks. Socks are the best idea to protect your precious shoes. Socks not only protect your shoes but also protect your feet. They provide maximum energy to your feet and bear all of the shocks and pressure of the court. If you play without socks, your shoes will directly bear the abrasions, and the inner synthetic material will spoil very soon. On the other hand, the use of socks not only enhances the life of the shoes but also protect your feet and saves your money.

Protection should be from the beginning, rather than damaging. To protect the shoes from unexpected damages, I have mentioned some of the best ideas to safeguard basketball shoes.

  • Pick out the pebbles and debris from the sole of the shoes. Bushes soil, dust, and dirt can cause them to slip on the court.
  • Untie the laces of your shoes and dust them well for better cleaning. If you don’t untie your laces, that’s mean you are adding debris and strain to the shoes day by day. 
  • Shoes must be free from perspiration’s odor. To prevent the odor of perspiration, never put your used or fresh socks in the shoes whole the night.
  • Your shoes must be vacant at the night, so that all of the odor may vaporate. 
  • Be aware! Never leave the shoes inside of the bag. 
  • Never put any heavy object on the shoes, it will crush your shoes and spoil their real shape. 

Final Words:


Cleaning is not necessary only to protect your precious shoes but it also depicts your personality. It shows your love for yourself. Mostly people judges according to the way of your lifestyle. If you keep your shoes, dress, and ride clear and clean, people will respect you and want to talk with you. Therefore “Keep Yourself Clean and Earn Respect”.