History of Basketball – Where Basketball Was Invented the First time?

Mr. James Naismit, (a Physical Education Instructor at the International Young Men’s Christian Association Training School in America) was the inventor of the Basketball game. As he was a physical instructor, he wanted to invent such kind of indoor game that athletes can play during the winter season. His thoughts became true when he set a fruit basket along with the wall and put a ball in the basket. 

He introduced this game in late 1891. He suggested the name of the game himself. In the beginning, playing the basketball game was very difficult, as the bottom of the basket was not removed and players have to bring out a ladder to retrieve the ball. With the passage of time, the bottom of the basket was removed. The first legalize public game was played with basic rules on March 11, 1892, in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Naismith was a physical instructor and the inventor of the basketball game. So it was his responsibility to set the rules about basketball. He fulfilled his duty and made thirteen basic rules for playing basketball. 

I have mentioned all the modern rules, fouls, violations, penalties, and coaching skills of basketball for players and coaches in my previous post “Basketball Basics For New Players And Coaches“. You can visit this post for the best information about the basic rules and regulations of basketball. 

Timeline of Basketball

The first match of the Basketball game – December 21, 1891

On December 21, 1891, the first basketball match was played between two teams. Each team consisted of 9 players. These 18 players were students of Mr. James Naismith’s class. Mr. James introduced 13 rules and 5 unique ideas to play the basketball match. With the passage of time, in the 20th century, the basketball game became popular in America as well as in European countries. 

The role of YMCA and U.S. Army for basketball

Young Men’s Christian Association (founded by Sir George Williams in London) played a key role in the development of basketball. They started to play basketball matches on the national and international levels. They played the basketball game throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world.

“World War 1” began in 1914. The War had been originated in Europe. The U.S. Army spread all around the world and they played basketball where they were. In this way, every country was introduced by a basketball game. 

Professional Leagues, Teams, and Organizations of Basketball

The very first professional league of basketball was played in 1898. In this league, there were six teams and the name of the league was “National Basketball League.” The first college league between two teams played on 9 February 1895. There were 9 players on every team. The intercollegiate matches were played between the University of Chicago and the University of Iowa. This was the first match that played with modern rules. 

“FIBA” International Games

International Basketball Federation was founded on 18 June 1932. There were eight countries in this federation. The Headquater of FIBA made in Switzerland’s city Geneva. The first International title was won by U.S.A national team. FIBA’s first World Championship was played in Argentina in the year 1950.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

National Basketball Association is the most prominent basketball association of the U.S.A Basketball Leagues. NBA was founded in 1949 and to the present day it has been leading the basketball leagues on national and international levels. The NBA players, salaries, and level of competition is outstanding in the world. 

Final Words

Basketball is a very popular game in European countries. European people play basketball on both indoor and outdoor courts.  The basketball game has its popularity among children, men, and women equally. You can play it everywhere, either you are at home, school, college, university, or picnic.