6 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes in 2021 [Review & Buying Guide]

Hi, I am Jerry here I am reviewing Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes. Basketball is a sport of quick movements like running, jumps, and sprints. Typically, the performance of a player in Basketball depends on control and balance. Usually, shoes play an essential role in maintaining the stability of your moves. Best Basketball Shoes provide flexible and soft soles, shock absorption, and enough cushioning so that players don’t feel discomfort.

So, I advise you to buy a comfortable Basketball shoe, if you want to play Basketball. Here, I am going to review the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes. Stay with me!

Top 6 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Product NameProduct NameDetailsCheck Price

1. Upper is Sensifeel
2. Cushioning for responsiveness
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1. Suitable for wide feet
2. Value for Money
3. Lightweight
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1. Excellent Grip on Foot
2. Available in multiple colors
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1. Extra Cushioning
2. Modern Design
3. Wear Everywhere
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1. High Performance
2. Upper is Sensifeel
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1. Excellent Durability
2. Best in worst conditions like rain
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1. Under Armour HOVR Havoc Low

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

A shoe for the people who play and adapt fast-style basketball. Armour HOVR Havoc Low is an updated version in terms of color and style to make it according to the latest trends.

Although the manufacturer has used Sensifeel Technology to make it more stable and comfortable for the best output results, the lifetime was compromised by the manufacturer.

So, you will get comfort and stability by compromising the lifetime. When we take a look towards Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes, Wilson Rush competes with comfort and stability.


EVA material is used with the combination of Sensifeel Technology to provide cushioning for comfort and responsiveness.

Moreover, a 9 mm heel-to-toe drop makes it more stable in fast movements. Sole rubber is responsive for enough shock absorption.


In court, you will feel natural movements instead of shoe movements. Generally, we feel shoe sides during running or jumping, but you never feel it in Rush Pro 2.5 due to its responsiveness, shock absorption, etc. apart from that,

the manufacturer has entirely focused on comfort and responsiveness, so the lifetime is compromised.

  • 6 mm drop from heel to toe
  • Upper is Sensifeel
  • Cushioning for responsiveness
  • Rubber Sole for Shock absorption
  • Lifetime compromised
  • Slow to dry due to high cushioning


Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 is the best shoe for you if your priority is comfort and stability. If you are looking for a long-life shoe, then Rush Pro 2.5 is not for you to play Basketball.

2. Air Jordan 32 Low

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2021

Hypercourt Express is a lightweight shoe to wear in court, featuring a good look upper with performance and comfort. Moreover, it is perfect for a Basketball player with wide feet and not suitable for narrow feet to play fast on the court.

K-Swiss Basketball Shoe is best for players who want a ventilation system and comfort as well. In my opinion, the manufacturer of this shoe has sacrificed its durability to make it lightweight.


The upper of shoes made by the technology known as Seamfree to make a ventilation system in it with the lightweight.

The TPU Cage makes it breathable, and it will fit around your feet if you have wide feet. Although it is not suitable for narrow feet, you will prefer them if your preference is lightweight instead of durable.


The cushioning is used to make these shoes more comfortable, and the upper sole has a TPU cage for ventilation.

Because the top side of the boot is caged instead of the proper sole so, you will feel more comfortable due to lightweight and breathing in the court, but these are not durable.

So, you should set your preference as lightweight and comfortable and compromise with durability.

  • Suitable for wide feet
  • Breathable for ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Not suitable for narrow feet
  • Durability is not excellent


However, the shoe is excellent in weight due to the use of cage on it. K Swiss shoe is best for wide feet but not suitable for narrow feet.

3. Adidas Dame 5

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes to buy

A shoe for ladies that are best in the Basketball court but can also wear outside the court.

Jump, run, move forward or backward, but this shoe always helps you to maintain your balance to perform well in the court. Moreover, the lightweight shoe has modern styles with linings that attract you to wear in the court for playing or outside the court for training.


Upper mesh provides a breathable environment to make it cooler and dryer. Synthetic material is used to develop the outside of the shoes.

On the other side, the textile material is used to create inner. Gum Rubber sole has been installed for enough shock absorption.


Sudden and quick movements in Basketball require lightweight shoes. So, this shoe has lightweight to move quickly, and the sole of the shoe is soft and flexible to provide enough shock absorption. You will feel comfortable when you will walk, run or jump.

The softness in the sole on the sides of your heels and fingers of feet is more comfortable to maintain your balance after sudden and quick jumps.

  • e it utilizes bounce cushion and offers a traditional firm ride
  • Rubber sole
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • A Little bit Costly


However, the cost of this shoe is high as compared to other shoes available in the competition of the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes, but if you are looking for high performance,

Then Adidas shoe provides everything you want like design, softness, use inside or outside, rubber soles, etc. So, you should be clear about the quality of this shoe.

4. Adidas Pro Bounce Low

Adidas Pro Bounce Low

Many Shoes available in the market, but Adidas Pro Bounce Low is the latest design according to the modern trends of youth.

Moreover, the structure of this shoe allows you to play in clean courts as well as dusty courts. Adidas has provided an extra cushioning system for easy, quick movements.

Typically, it is tough to maintain balance after quick movements, but this shoe is designed to maintain the balance after the quick movements.


The shoe’s upper material looks cheap, but this is not the case because it has made it successful for all types of basket players.

Overall, the used material in this shoe is good and valuable for the money. The cushioning system allows you to maintain your balance on all types of surfaces.


I have researched a lot and got reviews from many people to know about the performance of these shoes. So, after a lot of research, I have reached the point that the manufacturer of the shoe has tried to cover every aspect like the type of court, type of players’ feet, etc.

Do you know it? People also wear the shoe for the walk, training, and daily routine as a fashion because of its design.

  • Extra Cushioning
  • Modern Design
  • Wear Everywhere
  • Value for Money
  • Upper sole looks like low quality
  • Lack of Durability


Overall, I have not found any type of significant fault in the shoes. Some concerns exist about the shoe’s upper material,

but you will not face any problems due to these concerns. So, I am going to give 8 points out of 10.

5. Jordan Ultra Fly 2

Jordan Ultra Fly 2

When we talk about the performance at affordable prices, Jordan is always on the top.

Maybe, you will get the same performing shoe of any other brand, but they will not in this price range.

So, if you want to get the long-term performance at an affordable price, then Jordan is always a priority for me. Many features are available in this shoe, which makes it more durable, trusted, and well-performing shoes in the market.


The forefoot is excellent if you use your toe on the surface after jumping or running. Moreover, cushioning is also excellent to provide comfort during running and jumping.

If you are a player of basketball, you have to run and jump suddenly. So, this brand also focuses on comfort after jumping or running in court.


As I told you earlier, these shoes are the best outdoor basketball shoes from a performance point of view. There are many things that describe the performance of these shoes like material, cushioning, upper sole, bottom sole, forefeet, heel, etc.

I have researched a lot about these shoes and concluded that they are the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes at affordable prices.

  • High Performance
  • Upper is Sensifeel
  • Cushioning for responsiveness
  • Rubber Sole for Shock absorption
  • Slow to dry after washing due to extra cushioning


Honestly, I want to say that if you want to buy shoes with high performance at an affordable price, then you don’t need to go anywhere else because the shoes are best according to price and performance.

Moreover, the design of these shoes is also modern to attract youth, so you can also wear them in college or university.

6. Nike Lebron Soldier 11

Nike Lebron Soldier 11

Many players of basketball prefer fast-style playing. So, these shoes for the people who play and adapt fast style basketball.

Nike Lebron Soldier 11 is an updated version in terms of color and style to make it according to the latest trends. Although, the manufacturer has used Modern Cushioning Technology to make it more stable and comfortable for the best output results.

So, you will get comfort and stability by compromising the lifetime. When we take a look towards Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes, Wilson Rush competes with comfort and stability.


As compared to other shoes in our list, it is a little different in composition. It is evident by the name that shoes are soldier shoes, so you will feel the extra height of heels after wearing these shoes.

On the other side, the bottom side near to heel is very hard that cannot absorb the shocks after quick running and jumping in the court.


In my opinion, these shoes are better for the place where the surface is not dull, but there are some ups and downs in the surface.

The hard sole keeps you safe from unwanted moves and jumps due to the surface. Moreover, you will not feel comfortable in a court where the surface is dull.

During jumps to put the ball in the basket, you will feel some hardness on your feet after the jumping. So, you have to decide which place you want to play by wearing this shoe.

  • Excellent Durability
  • Best in worst conditions like rain
  • High heel provide ease in high jumping
  • Hard bottom sole will provide pain after jumping on the proper surface
  • Extra grip on wide feet


A shoe with a different composition style as compared to other shoes in our list of Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes.

So, if you need to play basketball on a dusty surface, then you should prefer these shoes. Otherwise, you can choose any other shoes from our list of Best Outdoor BasketBall Shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear basketball shoes outside?

Yes! You can wear these shoes outside also. The latest designs are trying to provide the facility to wear the shoes everywhere.

Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor basketball shoes?

Yes! Some brands have manufactured different shoes for inside and outside. However, some brands also designed shoes for inside and outside use at the same time.

What basketball shoes have the best cushioning?

There are many brands that have an excellent cushioning system to provide balance and control after the big jumps and quick running.

 The Conclusion 
In the above sections, I have reviewed different shoe brands for the basketball playing.It would help if you determined what you want in the best shoe. For example, some people prefer cushioning, some like durability, many people prefer the design and low price. So, I can say that it’s up to you which shoes are best for you to buy and play Basketball. Don’t forget to share it! Keep visiting for more exciting shoes. Thanks!