Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet- Top 8 for 2021

Are you worried because you have a match tomorrow and you have a wide foot? You may also be concerned that whether you will be able to find the right fit or not. You do not have to worry! Now the marketplace has some of the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

Every pair of shoes comes up with its specifications about wideness which may not fit every other person. To have the most of a pair of shoes, it is essential to work well and is comfortable enough.

For instance, while playing basketball, the absolute pressure is on the feet to run while jumping to dunk the ball. Every move requires a lot of energy as well as support to carry out the duties firmly.

A shoe that fits well will give you the best and comfortable experience. As if the shoe does not work well, it will provide no cushion or support to the feet. This may result in any injury or shock, which no one would ever want.

If you are looking for shoes for your wide feet, consider asking yourself that you specifically need shoes for what work. Whether for walking, running, or playing basketball.

Finding the right fit for wide feet may be challenging, but with the help of a good guide, one can easily choose the best basketball shoes for wide feet.


1- Nike Lebron Xvii Men’s Basketball Fashion Shoes

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Being the three-time NBA champion and four-time MVP, LeBron James is one of the most prominent basketball players. The Nike LeBron is after LeBron James. These shoes are ideal, according to him, if one wants to play basketball.


  • Brand name: Nike
  • Color: a variety of 19 colors
  • Fabric: knitposite material
  • Soft foam pod insole
  • Rubber outsole
  • Plastic clip around the heel
  • Zoom-air units
  • The midsole is of resilient foam
  • Wide collar

Moreover, the material of these shoes has a soft knitposite for the upper part. Knitposite is a material that consists of Flyknit construction and pre-twisted, heat molded yarns forming a wavy pattern, which feels so soft, smooth, and comfortable. At the same time, the sole has a rubber outsole traction on it.

As the name is after the best basketball player, so the performance it gives is also outstanding. The Nike LeBron has the most significant air max bubble on the heel and has two air zoom pods at the forefront provides a shock absorbing and comfortable experience while jumping or running.

Moreover, these shoes come up with the softest foam, which gives an extra comfortable experience to the feet. Besides, a plastic clip is present, covering the heel around to provide an intact and flexible movement.

Besides, it has a wide collar which makes it easy for those who have wide feet. Because of this putting in and taking off may be more manageable.

  • Comfortable
  • Shock absorber
  • Locked-in heel
  • Durable sole
  • Flexible
  • Wide-foot friendly
  • Stylish material
  • Not recommended for outdoor
  • Inconsistent support

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 Why We Choose This Product? 

Nike’s LeBron is one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet. If your budget is a little bit high and you want to invest in something expensive, then these shoes are good for you. These shoes provide brilliant comfort and support while playing basketball. Briefly, the best point about these shoes is that it easily fits the wide feet.

2- Nike Mamba Fury

best basketball shoes for wide feet 2021

Nike mamba furry is the shoes that are after the name of the legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant. The utilized material is a mixture of plastic yarn and textiles, giving it an effortless and lightweight look and feel. Soon after the death of Kobe Bryant, the Nike mambas black were not available.


  • Brand name: Nike
  • Color: a variety of 10 colors
  • Fabric: plastic and yarn
  • Zoom air unit
  • Rubber outsole
  • Plastic clip around the heel
  • Snakeskin traction
  • Phylon-injected midsole
  • TPU heel clip
  • Low-top design

These shoes have an extreme grip, whereas their lower collar style gives the ability to make cuts while keeping the speed constant. For responsive energy, it has the unique feature of Nike zoom air. Moreover, these shoes come up with enhanced lace loops.

Additionally, having a rubber sole in a snake’s skin’s tractions gives a firm grip and stability. With a round toe, this shoe has a low cut for strength, having snakeskin imprints on some of the versions giving it a stylish look. If talking about the external look, it has a Kobe Sheath logo over each sole and tongue.

The lace closure in these shoes gives a snug fit that is comfortable as well as durable. Moreover, the rubber sole outside provides firm support. It has a phylon-injected midsole and a TPU heel clip, with having a padded collar for extra comfort.

The zoom air unit gives spectacular support and flexibility between the forefoot and midfoot. Additionally, the cushioning used is incredibly soft and bouncy, which offers a good experience.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Light-weight
  • Responsive traction
  • Secure fit
  • Excellent ankle support
  • Wide fit
  • Comfortable
  • Stiff cushioning
  • No traction in lateral cuts

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 Why We Choose This Product? 

The Nike mamba has some very emotional feelings attached with regards to the player Kobe Bryant. These shoes are budget-friendly as well as comfortable too. Moreover, the support and response these shoes have are incredible. Apart from all these features, its material is what makes them distinct; being lightweight and breathable.

3- Jordan Mars 270 Men’s Basketball Shoe

top basketball shoes for wide feet

Jordan mars 270 is from inspiration by 4 classic air Jordan, AJ1, AJ4, AJ5, and AJ6. It is a bit modern design with many new features, keeping in mind the comfort and support the basketball players are looking for. For instance, it also comes up with premium eye stays which provide extra durability and luxury to the shoes.


  • Brand name: Nike
  • Color: black, white
  • Fabric: soft leather and mesh
  • Air max technology
  • Pull tabs
  • Eye stays
  • Nubuck sole
  • Padded heel
  • High cut design

The material is soft leather with a mesh grid over the design. A pull tab is also present to give extra comfort, which helps put and take off the shoes.  Moreover, the sole comes up with extra flair giving that flat sole which is more than comfortable.

Besides, these Jordan’s have nubuck material for their sole, which provides excellent traction on slippery floors. Accordingly, they are straightforward to clean as well, and their heel and ankle support are the most fascinating.

Because of its lightweight material, the upper fabric is breathable, and thus, the feet stay fresh. Additionally, air max technology is also there for a lightweight and comfortable experience on the court.

It is so soft that it gives exceptional support to the feet whenever running, jumping, or walking. Likewise, these shoes come with a high-cut collar design with lace closure for the utmost comfort. It gives nonstop comfort with a stylish look that everyone loves to own with a padded heel.

  • Patent leather
  • Breathable
  • Secure grip
  • Protective heel
  • Soft and cushiony
  • Wide fit
  • Comfortable
  • Expensive
  • No impact protection

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 Why We Choose This Product? 

Having so many features available in different shoes all together in one pair of Jordan’s Mars 270 are the shoes to die for. Being so soft and stylish, they provide the most comfortable experience. With so many features yet so comfortable, these shoes are just the perfect match for you.

4- Nike Men’s Lebron Witness III

Nike Men's Lebron Witness III

Indeed, Nike’s men’s LeBron witness III is after the legendary basketball player LeBron James. These shoes are one of the most brilliant runners among some of the basketball shoes. Being conceived as the most supportive one and budget-friendly, these shoes are one of the best.

 Key Features 

  • Brand name: Nike
  • Color: 4 various shades
  • Fabric: mesh and synthetic leather
  • Phylon midsole
  • Heel hoops
  • XDR rubber sole
  • Achilles tendon collar
  • Air-sole units
  • Honoring LeBron’s hometown

Consequently, the shoes’ texture is of mesh and synthetic material having a firm knit that provides firm support and fit. The textured look seems trendy as well as the colors may intrigue everyone.

The material is so light that it helps keep your feet fresh, sweat, and odor-free. Simultaneously, the heel comes up with two loops, making it easy to put on or off the shoes. The ankle collar is made up of feather-posit to give firm and comfortable support during the gameplay.

Moreover, its sole has a shock-absorbing pad which gives the ability to play endlessly without absorbing any kind of impact. Additionally, a fabric lining is also present at the shoe’s inside, which offers a comfortable and gentle experience.

To keep the feet fresh, these shoes have air-sole stretches across the whole shoe, which keeps the feet relaxed. Namely, the sole of these shoes is in such a way that its sole provides perfect traction. For this purpose, the sole these shoes have is XDR rubber which gives a firm grip and movement control.

The tractions are in the form of a herringbone structure which is more than enough. Furthermore, the midsole is of phylon, which gives the softest feel to the feet. Moreover, the collars have this Achilles tendon which offers the most coziness to the ankle.

  • Unique texture and colours
  • Air-sole units
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable sole
  • Impact-absorbing
  • Good traction
  • Difficult to clean
  • The texture is not good looking

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 Why we choose this product? 

Paying tribute to the hometown of LeBron James, these shoes are a perfect pair for playing basketball. But the problem may arise that the collar may be too narrow; thus, it is a total no for the wide feet. Though with excellent performance and comfort, this pair of shoes and the best and budget-friendly basketball player’s shoes.

5- Adidas Men’s N3xt L3v3l Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men's N3xt L3v3l Basketball Shoe

Are you tired of tying your laces again and again during the game? Then the Adidas men’s next-level basketball shoes are the one for you. Being the most stylish yet comfortable shoes ever.

 Key Features 

  • Brand name: Adidas
  • Color: olive, coral
  • Fabric: prime knit material
  • Phylon midsole
  • Light strike cushioning
  • Zonal herringbone outsole
  • High-cut design
  • Laceless design
  • Synthetic sole

It has this spectacular lace-less design that has a full lockdown feature for the feet. Prime knit keeps the foot in a locked position and not letting it backward or forward, keeping it intact in place.

Though without a lace system, the support it provides is unbelievable. Moreover, most of the shoes without laces experience slip of the heel. These Adidas next-level shoes can never give you a slip of heel.

The light strike cushioning can absorb shock and is responsive as well. The cushioning is very soft yet bouncy at the same time, giving an excellent impact absorption. With a perfect fit and socks-like system, these shoes fit the feet and never leave any space.

The outsole is made up of rubber in the texture of the zonal herringbone for keeping the perfect grip over the shoes. The shoes are of a high-cut design, but all of the ankle support depends upon the stretch around the ankle.

  • Comfortable
  • Stable cushioning
  • Durable material
  • Firm traction
  • Impact proof
  • Thick internal heel counter
  • Convenient
  • Too narrow
  • Hard to clean

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 Why We Choose This Product? 

Every other product of Adidas has been a spectacular one. Adidas’ next-level shoes are some kind of the new generation shoes. These shoes are laceless and provide comfort and support at the same time. But one major issue that can arise is that these shoes are stretchy and cannot fit the wide feet.

6- Nike Kyrie Flytrap III

Nike Kyrie Flytrap III

For the stance having the design to match the legend Kyrie Irving the Nike Kyrie flytrap II is one of the most prompt and swift shoes ever. It gives complete support with outstanding support at the insole and outsole.


  • Brand name: Nike
  • Color: a combination of 5 different colors
  • Fabric: mesh and synthetic leather
  • Phylon midsole
  • Air zoom cushioning
  • Curved rubber outsole
  • Mid-top design
  • Strap
  • Hoop
  • Heel counter

The material which makes up the upper layer of the footbed is meshed and synthetic leather to give it a soft and lightweight feeling. Moreover, the fabric is breathable as well to keep the feet relax.

These shoes come up with a zoom air cushion that is responsive and gives the field experience. Whereas the outsole being curvy gives good traction from side to side to provide smooth traction. This pair of shoes also look at the heel and a stretchable strap over the upper layer of the shoe.

The design for the shoes is a mid-top design. The traction pattern with a curved design is also transitioning to the shoes’ sidewalls to give a multidirectional grip.

These shoes have a hook, a strap, and a heel counter that offers a complete lockdown for the shoe to keep the shoe in its place firmly. Moreover, it comes up in different shades of color combinations that can be easily according to one’s preferences. With the phylon insole, the impact protection has been the best.

  • Affordable
  • Supportive
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Light-weight on feet
  • Breathable fabric
  • Good traction
  • Fantastic ankle support
  • Traction break-in time
  • Terrible impact protection

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 Why We Choose This Product? 

These shoes are very comfortable as well as affordable for playing basketball. Moreover, one can have comfort as well as style at the same time. Furthermore, comfort must be that priority.

7- Adidas Dame 6

Adidas Dame 6

When Dame in 2019 gave his best performance at the NBA, the Adidas Dame 6 was in the market. It has super comfortable and durable qualities, which provides the shoe with its unique properties.


  • Brand name: Adidas
  • Color: a combination of 9 different colors
  • Fabric: synthetic material and suede
  • Webbed lacing
  • Herringbone rubber outsole
  • Super light, light-strike cushion
  • Low-top design
  • Strobel foam collar
  • Light-weight

The shoes are of 100% synthetic material and have some suede patches on them. This gives a uniquely striking look with a light and breathable fabric. Additionally, the bed foot has a webbed lacing system that offers a firm grip on the food not to lose tractions.

The lacing system has a strict lockdown which never leaves the foot away from its place. The outsole of these shoes is herringbone rubber which gives a specific structure to the shoes for tractions. The tractions with herringbone outsole are firm and responsive.

Moreover, it is impact absorbing as well as multidirectional that it gives 360 degrees traction. The inner sole consists of a super-light light strike cushion which offers so much comfort to the feet that one may not feel anything on their feet.

A low-top design comes with a Strobel foam collar with a leather punched lace hole. This lace eyelet gives a perfect fit to the feet and not letting it move here or there.

  • Comfortable cushion
  • Breathable material
  • Affordable signature look
  • Comfortable cushion
  • 360-degree traction
  • Perfect for wide feet
  • Very light-weight
  • Hard to clean the outsole
  • Not durable material

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 Why We Choose This Product? 

Being the signature release, Adidas dame 6 has some spectacular features. From being comfortable to being stylish and durable, it fits the wide feet well at an affordable price. These shoes are one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

8- Adidas D Rose 773

Adidas D Rose 773

The D Rose 773 offers complete cushion protection as well as intact traction. Those kinds of cushions are there to provide comfort, and they also allow the ankle to maintain its balance so that it can maintain its traction. The material is a breathable, lightweight mesh that feels great on foot. These shoes will work out for you anywhere, whether you’re on the field or not.


  • Brand name: Adidas
  • Color: 11 striking colors
  • Fabric: Perforated synthetic material
  • Light-weight
  • EVA midsole
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Rubber outsole
  • Multi-direction traction
  • Extended heel counter
  • Lace closure

The component in the material is of a perforated synthetic material, which makes it light and breathable. A midsole made of EVA is also present in these shoes. It also has a rubber outsole, which adds to its durability.

It can be both comfortable and fashionable thanks to its many color options. Furthermore, its multidirectional traction is one of the most advantageous for basketball play. With such a wide variety of eye-catching colors to choose from, one can easily style it to match their style.

  • Comfortable cushion
  • Good traction
  • Light-weight
  • Bouncy sole
  • Variety of colors
  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Best fit for wide feet
  • Not suitable for narrow feet
  • Material is cheap

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 Why do we choose this product? 

If you plan to invest in a good pair of the shoe, then the D rose may be the best choice for you. These shoes are perfect in every sense, from the durable material to the comfortable out and insole. But you must keep in mind that these shoes are suitable only for wide footers and do not have ankle support.

Consider Before Buying

Occasionally you may be born with wide feet, or your feet may become wide with passing age. No matter how it happens, finding a perfect pair of shoes may be a hard decision for you. No worries, this buying guide will guide you to the essential features to notice while buying basketball shoes if you have wide feet.

Choose For Shoes With Detachable Sole Or Lining

While playing basketball, you must ensure that your feet are secure and not experience any kind of uncomforted. You need to see the shoes you will buy have a removable sole or lining for this purpose.

Nobody would want to have a loss by investing in some expensive sneakers, and then they are too narrow. A removable sole or lining can have one effect: it will provide space to the feet, which will give some extra comfort while on the field.

Never Go For Slip-Ons

Slip-on may be convenient and comfortable and trendy too, but it is a complete no for you if you have wide feet. Slip-on is usually of stretchable material, and they fit perfectly to the feet, leaving out no room or space.

For wide feet, it may be hard to adjust in such type of basketball shoes. Moreover, because of the tight fit, you may experience heel slipping, and your feet may be the most uncomfortable in them.

A Lace System Is Always A Yes

Try to go for a lace or strap system if you have wide feet. Wide feet are hard to lock in a pair of shoes. With the help of a lace system or buckle-up strap system, one can easily fit it according to their feet.

Thus, giving a comfortable and safest experience. Because of this customization feature, most people may go for shoes having lace loops.

Choose Feet Which Can Go Well With Your Feet

While playing basketball, the feet may suffer a lot of pressure. To protect them from any kind of shock, the type of shoes you choose is significant. If you have wide feet, try to buy shoes whose materials are soft and have a wide and stable base.

It will provide comfort to your feet. Additionally, if your feet are well in the shoe, it will also help you protect your feet from shock or trauma.

Consider Your Feet Measurements

Buying shoes for wide feet may be a concern, but you can solve one thing by measuring up your feet properly. This will give you insight into how much your feet are wide. You will get the accurate measurement which will then save you a lot of time which can then be consumed by trying out every pair.

One cannot compromise the size while playing basketball because you do not want to have a faulty pair of shoes while on the field. Moreover, most of the shops nowadays feature measuring the feet at their stores. Try to ask the salesman to measure your feet every time you buy a new pair of shoes.

Try Them On At The Showroom

This is the obvious part, but if you have wide feet, try to walk around a few steps in the showroom while purchasing basketball shoes. Try to jump and run in them so you can make sure they are comfortable and durable as well. Try to wiggle your fingers in them if you can easily move them or bend them.

Trust Your Guts

Additionally, if you are wide feet and will purchase some shoes according to your normal size, you are doing it wrong. Basketball shoes are for a perfect fit, and they must have a certain width.

These widths may not fit all the true sizes. For this purpose, try on the shoes you will purchase and trust your comfort level, not on the sizes mentioned on your previous shoes or what you usually buy.

Soles Must Be Comfortable

Having a wide foot and going to play basketball, you may need to watch out what shoes you will wear. While playing, you may jump, run or even bend. To have a comfortable and impact-free game, you need to go for shoes that are wide enough.

So that your feet comfortably stay on the footbed. A perfect fit will not only provide a smooth playing experience, but it will protect your feet too. Try to choose sole which are comfortable and soft. This kind of sole will protect your feet from shock and will give a bouncy effect as well.

Never Rely On Breaking-In

You may like pair of shoes and having wide feet, they may fit you a little bit snug, but you end up buying them anyway so that they will break in one day. This is a wrong concept.

Not every shoe has the ability to breaking-in. Some might break, or some might not. You cannot give torture to your feet just because you think they will break in one day and will fit accordingly.

Go Through The Reviews

Last but not least, before buying shoes for your wide feet, go through the product reviews section. Check whether the product is suitable for wide feet or not, whether it fits comfortably. A lot of valuable reviews are mentioned in the review tab of the product. After all, it’s better to be late than sorry.

Some reviews may be good, whereas some may be negative; every review will give you a brief idea about the product.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

1- What basketball shoes are good for wide feet?

Those shoes having wide space in the bottom are suitable for wide feet. Space will provide you with a comfortable fit.

2- What shoe brands are best for wide feet?

Usually, Adidas makes the best shoes for wide feet, which are comfortable and durable as well.

3- Are LeBron 17 good for wide feet?

Some of the users have found Nike’s LeBron to be too narrow. You must order a size larger or so if you have wide feet.

4- Are Kyrie 5 good for wide feet?

Nike Kyrie 5 is excellent if you have narrow feet. These shoes can never fit you if you have wide feet.

5- Does Nike make shoes for wide feet?

Nike makes some of their shoes in wide fit sizes to fit their customers having wide feet.


One may find a hundred shoes according to their preferences at the market. But finding shoes for the wide feet may seem a hectic grind. Till now, Nikes LeBron xvii is one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet. Though being expensive, all the features are indeed worth your money. If you want to go for a cheaper version, then Jordan’s mars 270 may be the fit for you. In the end, it all comes to your own preferences.