Best Basketball Movies for All Time

The basketball game has the same popularity among men, women, and children. The scope of basketball has spread all over the world. Basketball matches have been played on the Court (playground) between two teams.

Millions of people watch these basketball matches live on TV. Seeing people’s interest and popularity in basketball, moviemakers have made some interesting movies on a basketball game.

They have made these movies on the life of some player’s struggle, or the success of a team. Moviemakers do not make basketball movies about a basketball match.

They add some suspensive situation in characters’ lives and use some filmy techniques to make the movie more interesting. These suspensive stories attract the audience to visit the Cinemahouse again and again.

Every movie consists of basketball, but different characters, dialogues, struggles of hero, ambitions, and hurdles attract a large audience. Children watch these movies and get inspiration from the life and struggle of the hero. 

On the other hand…

People like basketball films because of dribbling, shooting, and players’ movement scenes. In a real match, a lot of memorable scenes appear on the court that people are not able to watch properly.

The eye of the camera catches those scenes permanently, and people watch those scenes again and again to enjoy those moments. There are a lot of basketball movies that have earned millions of dollars because of their unforgettable stories and screenplays.

This article is especially writing for the best basketball movies of all time. You can buy these movies online and watch them with your family and friends.

These movies are not just a disk of entertainment, but there a lot of things that you will learn about basketball through them. Let’s check the list of the “Best Basketball Movies of All Time.”

List of The Best Basketball Movies of All Time


Semi-Pro is a comedy movie that revolves around the life of Jackie Moon (the protagonist of the movie). This movie was released on 19 February 2008 directed by Kent Alterman.

Will Ferrell (a prominent American comedian-actor) plays the main role in the movie as a Jackie Moon. In the movie, he has been a coach and ex-basketball player.

He does hard practices with his team to win the NBA title. Through this movie, Jackie Moon teaches you the lesson of try again and again, till you succeed. This movie earned a great reputation among the people. People are big fans of Will Ferrell’s comedy.

They like his sweet spot between sports melodrama and parody. Semi-Pro is a good collection of movies, but there are a lot of things that you need to know about it.

Small children should not watch this movie, as there are so many kissing and adult scenes and dialogues in the movie. Therefore, it is better to watch this movie in the absence of kids. 


2: Hoosiers

Hoosiers is one of the most prominent movies on the list of basketball movies. This movie is based on a real story of the Milan High School team that was the winner of the Indiana State Championship 1954.

This is a very good movie for all aged persons. It is a well-structured and terrific sports movie in the world. Gene Hackman, Dennis Hopper, Maris Valainis, David Neidorf are the main characters of the Hoosiers.

Gene Hackman (a prominent American actor and novelist) has played a key role in this movie. The high school basketball team is trained by Coach Norman Dale.

He leads the basketball team to a great victory. Hoosiers’ movie is a perfect model of redemption, faith, and courage.

Through this movie, you learn, a man can get everything with his courage and aim. It is a very good movie. You can watch this movie with family, friends, and kids. 


3: Coach Carter

Coach carter is a very famous basketball movie. This movie is based on the true story of the Richmond High School basketball team and its coach.

The movie earned a good reputation among the people. Samuel L. Jackson has played the role of Richmond High School’s basketball team’s coach. He played his role in the movie as a Coach Ken Carter.

He is not a professional basketball coach, Also he has a store of basketball goods, but he is offered to become a basketball team coach by the school. Because he was a good athlete when he was a student.

When he joins the basketball coach job, the team has no good reputation. He was only a C+ grade. The players were very disrespectful and behaved with their coach rudely with their ex-coach.

Carter has to change the team’s behavior and bring back the respect of the school. The story is very interesting. People have liked it very much.

There are so many things that have been taught by this movie to the basketball players and coaches. It has done 76.7 million USD business. 


4: Glory Road

Glory Road is an inspirational movie. It is directed by Jerry Bruckheimer. It was released on January 13, 2006. The theme of the movie is very dramatic. Josh Lucas has played a key role in the movie as a Don Haskins.

He has great ambition to win the basketball national championship. His team consists of pure white American people. He has played basketball matches many times but never wins the national championship.

Haskins decides to make such a team that has talent. This time, he recruits new players in his team and seven of them were Black-African-American players.

They were all talented players and never lose any game. The storyline is very interesting.

How they win the national championship?

For this, you have to watch this movie yourself. It was a very memorable and successful movie of that time. People liked it very much because of its inspirational story. 


5: The Way Back

The Way Back is the latest basketball movie. Ben Affleck has been introduced as a Jack Cunningham. His performance in the movie is very outstanding.

The story revolves around the life of the protagonist. People come to know through this movie how bad luck plays with noble people.

Hard days become an integral part of Jack’s life. Jack was a famous high school basketball player in his school days. He was struck off by the team for nothing.

After that, he spends a very miserable life. He has to live on a useless job. He becomes drug-addicted and drinks a lot of alcohol. The life of the protagonist arises sympathy and pity in the audience.

His marriage life ruins due to these crises. By chance, he gets a chance to become a basketball coach for his alma mater. Some people say that this is a true story of Ben Affleck, but some do not agree with this prediction.

The movie is very interesting but because of Covid Pandemic, it does not achieve its goal on Box office. It has earned only 14.7 million USD while its budget was 21-25 million USD. 


6: Above the Rim

Above the Rim is a very different movie from other basketball movies. It has a lot of suspense and curious scenes. Tupac Shakur has played the main role in the movie as a Birdie.

He is a high school basketball player. He is acquainted with a drug dealer Kyle Lee Watson. Kyle has made his local basketball team.

Birdie has been offered to become a part of the basketball team by both teams. Birdie finds himself in a dilemma as he has to choose a high school team or local drug dealer Kyle Lee Watson team. The story is very interesting and excellent. It has earned a great reputation among the people since its release day.  


7: Love and Basketball 

Love and Basketball is a very famous and one of the most hit movies of basketball. Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps have played the main role in the movie.

Sanaa Lathan has played the role of Monica Wright, and Omar Epps has played the role of Quincy McCall. They are age-fellow and have been living in the same compartment since their school days.

At the start of the love days, they fall in love with each other, but the passion of becoming the best basketball players in the world stands between them.

Quincy McCall has a great desire to become a prominent basketball player like his father Zeke. He is a talented and wonderful basketball player.

There are a lot of positive elements in the movie. 80% Plot of the movie consists of a love story, and 20% consists of basketball. This movie is a wonderfully entertaining package both for sports lovers and love gurus.

It has earned so much popularity among the people because of McCall and Sanaa’s outstanding performance. It had been released on April 16, 2000, but still, it is getting 5-star rating reviews by the people.  


8: Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams movie is a documentary movie. It is not about the life of any basketball player rather than it is based on the history of Basketball. Arthur Agee and William Gates are the main characters of the movie.

They are named in the movie by their real name. They have played a very positive performance in the movie. The movie is one of the masterpieces ever in the history of basketball movies.

Hoop Dream movie is not just about the history of basketball but, it also consists of a lot of other social issues that have been discussed in the movie like race, social class, economic division, education, and values in the United States of America.

This movie has been liked very much by the people. Most of the basketball players have said it an excellent movie ever in the world.