Best Basketball Anime to Watch

Human beings always keep on trying to find out the entertainment resources. There are two kinds of positive entertainment resources: sport and movies.
 I have brought these entertainment resources together. Basketball Anime movies are a good idea to know about the rules and regulations of basketball.
 Through anime movies, you come to know about how to play a basketball game. You can also present these basketball anime movies as a gift to your children and friends.
 I have listed some of the best basketball animated movies. These basketball movies are top-selling in the market. They have a super storyline, action, and knowledge. Let us read about them one by one.

List of the best Basketball Anime to Watch

1- Slam Dunk Basketball Anime

Slam Dunk is a very famous series of basketball anime movies. It has been written by a famous Japanese writer Takehiko Inoue. People like it very much. You can guess about its popularity that only 126 million copies of Slam Dunk sold in Japan alone. 

Main characters of Slam Dunk. 

1- Hanamichi Sakuragi (The Hero)

2- Haruko Akagi (The Heroin)

3- Kaede Rukawa (The Rival of Hero)

Hanamichi Sakuragi is the hero of the game. He reads in Shohoku high school. He proposes to almost 50 girls, but still, he does not have a girlfriend. He meets with Haruko Akagi. Akagi tells him to join the basketball team. Sakuragi does not want to join the basketball team, but he joins the team to impress Akagi and get more closeness. Sakuragi plays basketball with a lot of spirits and proves himself the best basketball player. 

There are so many other incidents in the story. You would love to know about them. So the best idea is that you should watch the Slam Dunk Basketball Anime yourself. Place your order right now and enjoy unlimited entertainment.

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2- Dear Boys Basketball Anime

Dear Boys Basketball Anime has been written and illustrated by Japanese writer Hiroki Yagami. This Basketball Anime is an award-winning anime series. It has almost 25 volumes, and all of them are very famous.

Main Characters of Dear Boys

1- Aikawa Kazuhiko (The Hero)

2- Takumi Fujiwara (a second-year student at Mizuho High school)

3- Ranmaru Miura (Shooting Guard Player)

4- Tsutomu Ishii

The story of Dear Boys Anime takes place in Mizuho High School. Aikawa Kazuhiko joins Mizuho High School’s basketball team. He is very fond of playing basketball games. Therefore he left his previous school and joined Mizuho High School.

Here he finds himself in a dilemma when he comes to know that the Coach of the Mizuho basketball team has left the school. He and his teammates hire a lady coach of basketball. She teaches them very strictly, as they have to play the national tournaments with the best competitors. 

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3- Ro Kyu Bu Basketball Anime

Ro Kyu Bu is a very famous Basketball Anime series. This basketball anime series tells us about the story of a basketball Coach’s life. You would love to watch it after reading this synopsis.

Subaru Hasegawa is the main character of this Ro Kyu Bu. He reads in a high school and is a member of the high school’s basketball team. Unfortunately, his team’s Captain finds in a sexual scandal with a girl. The school management gets involved and forbids the Captain and players to play basketball for a year.

This incident affected Subaru’s mind seriously. He abandons the school and goes to his aunt. His aunt insists that he should play basketball again, but he refuses.

His aunt forces him to coach the 6th class girls basketball team. He says that he will teach the girls for only 3 days, but he prepares to teach them regularly over the period. There are so many other incidents in the story. You must watch this Anime and entertain yourself.

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4- I’ll/CKBC Basketball Anime

This basketball Anime is about the story of two young boys Hiiragi Hitonari and Tachibana Akane. Both of them are very fond of playing basketball games.

Hiiragi Hitonari gets admission to Kouzu High School to fulfill his desire to become a perfect basketball player. One day, Hiiragi comes to know that Tachibana Akane is also in the same institution. Tachibana Akane is very famous for basketball.

The school management has selected tachibana and Hiiragi for the same team in the school. They play basketball together and become fast friends, but their talent did not come out completely.

One day a Superior High School’s basketball team offers Hiiragi to join them. Kouzu High School team and Tachibana forbade Hiiragi to move to another school, but he refuses.

He accepts their offer and becomes a part of the Tsurugizaki basketball team. With the change of high school, the rivalry between Hiiragi and Tachibana starts. Who wins this rivalry? If you want to know this answer, you have to watch this Anime.

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5- Ahiru No Sora Basketball Anime

Ahiru No Sora Basketball Anime is one of the best Animes on our list. We come to know about how someone can get success with sheer determination through it.

It shows the power of steadiness, consistency, and dedication. Sora Kurumatani reflects the same devotion in Ahiru No Sora Anime.

The story revolves around the life of Sora Kurumatani. He promises his mother to become a successful basketball player in childhood, but his height remains too short.

He is not a suitable height for the basketball game. He never brings it to mind that he is too short. He consistently makes efforts to sharpen his skills and keeps on hard practicing. 

To get success as soon as possible, he gets admission to Kuzuryuu High School and joins the basketball club. Sora has been playing basketball since his childhood.

Therefore he is more proficient in basketball than other club members. Sora challenges the whole club members to compete with him, and the climax of the story starts. 

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6- Dash! Kappei Basketball Anime

Kappie basketball Anime is exciting and famous among schoolboys. The story revolves around a boy named Kappei Sakamoto. He is tiny, but he is good at sports.

He loves to play any game. He is admitted to Seirin High School. The school management recognizes his abilities and selects him for the sports team. He is very talented, but his height is too short that creates a lot of questions.

He wears only ladies’ undergarments, particularly white panties. He loves to wear white panties. One day he comes to know about his school’s basketball team coach Miss Natsu. She also loves to wear the same color panties that Kappei Sakamoto likes. Kappei starts his efforts to join the basketball team so that he may get close to Natsu.

Akane Aki (a new girl) joins the basketball team. She also wears white panties. It makes Kappei more delighted. He tries to get close to Akane by getting white panties.

This Anime has so many interesting incidents that you would love to know. Therefore I recommend you to watch this Anime yourself right now. 


7- Buzzer Beater Basketball Anime

This basketball Anime is like a legendary movie. The thought of Anime is unimaginable. It consists of the life of a supernatural human basketball player. The story is fascinating and full of suspense. Hideyoshi Tanaka is the hero of Buzzer Beater Basketball Anime.

He bears in the land of basketball players. He has some supernatural traits of basketball. When he comes to 14 years of his age, he becomes a pro-player on the basketball team. 

The climax of the story begins when Alien players play basketball with the human race. Alien players have great physical and psychic abilities.

They defeat all of the basketball players in the world. Hideyoshi has great speed and skill in basketball. At this stage, he becomes the representative of the whole human basketball players.

He does a lot of practice and determines that he and his team (first-all-star-human) will bring back the honor of earth basketball players.

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Final words

Basketball Animes are a great form of entertainment. They play a very constructive role for the younger basketball players. They learn a lot of necessary things about basketball. All of these basketball animes are very interesting. You can buy these anime for your children and also present them as a gift.