Why Basketball Players Are So Tall?

Are you wondering by thinking why basketball players are so tall? Ever you observe about basketball players’ height? There are reasons to select the tall players in the basketball game. Recently especially for this, we made a special guide where we covered the best basketball shoes for big men. Obviously, height matters in every game. But while playing basketball, the tall players quick to reach at the goal, block incoming shots easily, take care of rebounds and more. In sort tall basketball players take a couple of advantage easily over less heighted players.

The Height of Basketball Players

If you are a fan of the basketball game, you have noticed most of the players are tall around 6’6 heights. There are a few players that are naturally tall. Most of them have to follow a strict diet, do a lot of exercises and train rigorously to increase the height.

Basketball Exercises to Grow Taller

There are different exercises that a bit short basketball player follows. To increase the height, the stretching exercise is efficient. But you can’t achieve overnight to get maximum results. It requires a patient as well as consistency.  Besides, the professional basketball players perform basketball exercises to grow taller on a regular basis.

  • Swimming

One of the stretching exercises is swimming. This exercise is a natural way to move the entire body. It stretches your legs as we as arm. Besides, it is an outstanding exercise for whole body. The exercise helps possibly to increase the height.

  • Yoga

There are some Yoga workouts that help to increase the height. The major one is Cobra position. Also there are some other reasons that are helpful to increase the height.

  • Other exercise

Besides the yoga and swimming, the rods stretching and hanging exercises are also helpful if you want to grow taller. But you have to persistent. Do exercise daily if you want to see good results. Here we have a tip for you. Before starting the rods stretching, warm up the muscles. If you don’t do that, there are some side effects or you may face injuries. 

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Basketball Players Height Secrets

The professional basketball player regularly trains up to 7 hours. The reason is, the players needs to be active so that the muscles supports more. Also the exercise doesn’t make you old early. Also, the basketball player jumps more on the court. Its all-time stretching to your body.

There are some players that have increased their height due to sports game. But it’s not enough to get efficient results.

Another secret of basketball players is; they train in a gym a lot. By going gym regularly, the testosterone level increases which make the body grow more.

However, there are some basketball players that often consume growing supplements and various nutrition.  

The HGH (Human Growth Hormone) products are very popular. There are so many brands that produce such products to grow fast. If you think do basketball players take growth hormones? Well, there are so many believers that have said the NBA players have been taking these kinds of products continuously. These type of products support the growth hormone which helps height boost. Although, it has some benefits but there are many side effects as well. But we don’t recommend the HGH.

Does Basketball Make You Taller?

Well, the stretching exercises help growing. But when it comes to the basketball game, the regular jumping might increase secretion your growth hormone. But it’s just a small increase that has a little effect. The maximum output won’t grow from it. Apart from this, the regular jumping increased the blood flow in legs, spine, and arms usually. This blood flow makes the muscle tissue growth. In this way, the bones density increases.

But taking this aside, there are other efficient ways to grow taller. Let’s know how to grow taller!

  • Well-Planned, Intensive, and Training Schedules

Every professional basketball player maintains its training schedule intensely as well as regularly. They train up to 6 hours regularly or per week to maintain their performance level. The regular maintaining improves muscles and helps to grow them, improve physical stamina, as well as refine playing techniques.

Here a thing to ponder, if you pick the basketball as professional then there are quite chances to grow taller than normal ones. However, if you are not a professional player and you play basketball individually then the growing chances are minimum. Therefore, the basketball players prefer to train by experts.

  • Exercise, Exercise and Exercise

Apart from diet, the most important aspect in growing height is exercise. The more you exercise, the more outcome increases. Needless to say, the results come in a good way. But you will have to consistent, work hard and be patient.

The exercises help growing the height are listed above. These boost the muscles growth and you will see the results soon.

  • Taking Height Stimulant Supplements

Some NBA Players presents height is due to consuming supplements. Nowadays, the supplements tend to be a top option when the height growing is a major concern. However, the premium grade supplements are expensive that doesn’t provide much side effects but give positive results. Also, the folk discuss the things such as human growth hormones, steroids, and other nutrition.


Is it possible to grow taller?

Well, there is some important aspect when it comes to increase the height unnaturally. By maintaining proper training, doing exercise, taking premium supplements, work intensely helps the muscles to grow. But playing genetics plays vital role. Besides, we recommend you help from professionals or experts.

Who is the tallest NBA player?

The tallest player in NBA is Gheorghe Muresan and Manute Bol. Ther is 7’7’ tall.

How can I increase my height fast?

– Take balance diet
– Do exercise
– Maintain your health
– Get good sleep
– Be patience

The Conclusion

All in all, there is no doubt the taller people have a height advantage. The basketball tall player can perform well on the court.  But the short height players could also manipulate the game flow. You will need to focus on your techniques and be confident. At all, why are basketball players so tall, because they follow the strict diet, train regularly and do intense exercise.