The 10 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes In The World

Most people buy perfect shoes based on aesthetics rather than on health, although they should choose shoes that keep their feet healthy. We walk and run on our feet the whole day; therefore, we should select shoes that keep our feet healthy.

To find quality shoes is rather a tough task, as nobody knows properly what the best qualities of shoes are? I have described some of the best, top-quality, and most expensive shoes that have made fine leather material breathable, moisturize your feet, keep away harmful bacterial germs, and perfectly eliminate the foot odor.

Every brand is trying to do much better than others. The best brands: Adidas, Nike, Air Jordan, Under Armour, Reebok, etc., are top-rated in making the most expensive Sports or Basketball shoes in the world. I have listed the top list of Basketball shoes of these brands for you so that you may recognize the specifications of the shoes better. 

1-Reebok Question  $65,000

Reebok has introduced the “Reebok Question” shoes for basketball players. These basketball shoes are definitely iconic shoes of Reebok of all time. With a leather upper, pearlized overlay, Hexalite cushioning, and a translucent out, Reebok shoes stood as a giant in the field of shoes. These pair of shoes are very much expensive.

These shoes are almost 65000$. These shoes are very comfortable and provide extra strength to the feet. The ranking of these shoes is 5 stars on the online market. These are very stylish shoes and well designed.  These shoes have been made with high-quality engineering construction—the buyers and fans of “Reebok Question” for its long-lasting and eye-catching style. “Reebok Question” shoes prevent the basketball players’ feet from unnecessary problems.

These shoes are very comfortable and alleviate players’ feet pain and help them to run quickly. A ” Reebok Question” user is never upset about the soreness of feet as it absorbs the pressure impacts that impact very badly on the ankle, knees, hip joints, and your lower backside.  

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2- Air Jordan 3 – $50,000

“Air Jordan 3” is one of the best and top model expensive shoes in the market. These shoes have their own history and were worn by “Michal Jordan,” who was an iconic basketball player and won a lot of championships during his golden career.

These shoes have splendid features that make them separate from others. “Air Jordan 3” shoes improve the absorption of moisture from the atmosphere and maintain the percentage of humidity. It helps to reduce the risk of infection and decrease allergy reactions.

“Air Jordan 3” shoes have been made of pure leather that protects your feet with high-quality protection and prevents your feet from odor. It is essential for basketball and all other players to wear the best smelly free basketball shoes. These shoes give you the freedom of running and jumping as you want and avoid discomfort and other stupid problems. Therefore always use the right shoes to keep your feet fit.

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3- Air Jordan 6 – $35,000

Our list’s fourth-best expensive shoe is the “Air Jordan 6” only for $35,000. Pick it right now for your best performance. These pair of basketball shoes are famous for their long-lasting service and never cause arches and serious joint pain. It keeps your foot plane, and you never get any joint injury. These shoes are of top quality.

Once you have bought this pair of shoes, you don’t need to buy any other shoes for a lifetime. These flat sole shoes will help you to avoid high heel shoes.

The “Air Jordan 6” shoes are made of pure leather for best comfortableness, support, performance, breathability, and heavy-duty. These joggers were introduced in 2000. It is the overall fit and decent shoes and provides cushion and traction for better performance. 

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4- Nike Air Zoom Kobe – $30,000

“Nike” has introduced the “Nike Air Zoom Kobe.” The price of the shoe is almost $30,000 only. It is the most expensive shoe in the series of “Nike” Air shoes. These shoes are scarce and limited for their high price. These shoes are specially made for the best basketball professional players.

The purpose of making these shoes is to pay tribute to the legends of the basketball game. The shoes are made of pure leather. The leather is very soft and provides your feet with a soothing effect of cushioning and great comfort.

Once you wear these shoes, I am sure you never want to wear any other shoes for your best matches. These expensive shoes are specially made for those who always play for victory. The main features of an excellent shoe are to be speedy and responsive.

This shoe has the best abilities to grip on the court, cover your foot entirely, great torsional stability, flexibility, heavy support, and mobility. 

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5- Original Air Jordan-1 – $25,000

Our sixth product in the best and most expensive shoes is “Air Jordan 1”. Superb quality with attractive design makes your aim to get this. Fantastic performance with powerful pure red and black plane rubber sole, strong toe box, vamp for high-quality fitness, laces provide extra strength and support to your upper part of the feet, and high-top to protect your ankle are the best features that attract you to buying the shoes.

The upper part of the shoes is totally pure leather. The shoe’s name is after the name of prominent basketball player “Michael Jordan”.

He signed personally on the backside of the shoes, and Nike has dedicated the name of these shoes to him. These red and white “Air Jordan 1” shoes with elevated heels have an additional feature that is very good for the runners. The price of these shoes is only $25,000. 

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6- Nike Air Mag – $12,000

With a unique style, modern technology, powerful grip, super high-top collar, fantastic high arch heel cover, high quality compressional thick synthetic upper pad, and illuminated sole, these are the specific relics of “Nike Air Mag.”

Definitely, your children would love to wear these pair of shoes and enjoy the pleasurable experience. Its upper strap provides extra protection, support, durability, and powerful strength to your ankle and also the upper part of your ankle.

The pure, high-quality plastic and fine leather sole would bear the shocks of running and walking, and you feel like walking on cozy cotton. The stretchable synthetic fabric allows the oxygen to go in and out.

It makes your shoe more comfortable and easy to wear and take off. Nike has introduced futuristic-looking shoes with a new-looking light-up panels style and an automatically fastening laces system.

There is a battery inside the shoes that would last up to a minimum of 3,000 hours. Remember, the first pair of rechargeable footwear is by Nike. 

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7- Air Jordan 5 – $10,000

Another Air Jordan Wao! I love its Fantastic color combination and amazing design. Its price is only $10,000. Why is it so expensive? If you see its tongue attentively, you will see that it is flashing like a light bulb. When “Michael Jordan” used to wear these shoes during the matches, the whole crowd’s attention moved to these shoes.

It made every move of the “Michael Jordan” more visible and attractive. With attractive flashiest tongue, pure white leather upper cover, powerful toe box, splendid vamp, powerful counter, elevated heel, and multicolor pure rubber sole, this shoe is a masterpiece in the series of “Air Jordan Shoes.” If you are a big fan of “Michael Jordan,” then you must like to buy it immediately.

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8- Adidas Golden KB8 – $3,000

This pair of shoes was introduced for the first time in 1998. Kobe Bryant used to wear them and made them famous. Kobe Bryant was a famous basketball player; therefore, its name is Adidas Golden KB(Kobe Bryant) 8″.

The design of these shoes is very different from others. Some people do not like its style, but in regard to performance, these shoes are unmatched. The color combination, fantastic style, powerful strength of sole, and beautiful design attract the basketball players. You can buy it for only $3,000. 

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9- Air Jordan 11 – $27,00

“Air Jordan 11” is one of the most famous and expensive joggers in the world. These shoes are available only for $27,00. The features of these shoes are unlimited.

I love these shoes because of their design and heavy-duty. The sole has been made of original crystal rubber that reflects like blue plastic. The upper part of the shoe is made of Cordura Nylon and shiny patent leather.

It is very comfortable, and the cushion offers shoes in every season. The entire body of the shoe, like heel counter, tongue pad, vamp, toe box, midsole, laces, and high-top style, makes the shoe fabulous. 

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10- Nike Air Force One – $25,00

“Nike Air Force One” is as white as snow. These white shoes are bright and create a sense of freshness. These shoes are the best choice for the customers in the market as they are effortless and represent their wearer uniqueness.

This shoe is made of PU-coated action leather. The durability of this shoe is authentic. White shoes are the best choice for basketball players. All professional basketball players use these shoes regularly and play with freedom. The price of these shoes is $25,00.

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