How to Select the Best Outdoor Basketballs to Buy

The Basketball game is very famous in the world. It has no age limit. Professionals, Men, Women, Children, and Kids play the basketball game. There are two categories of the basketball “Ball” (Indoor Basketball Ball and Outdoor Basketball Ball). People play the basketball game with both indoor and outdoor “Balls”.

Most of us don’t know, What is the difference between Indoor and outdoor basketball “Ball”? Indoor basketball “Ball” is specially made for professional players for they play on the polished wood court, and Outdoor basketball “Ball” is made for recreation or recreational players and Outdoor basketball is for street players, women and children because they play in the street or rough area.

You can also play with Indoor basketball “Ball” but the Indoor basketball “Ball” size is bigger than the Outdoor basketball “Ball” size. Therefore If you want to practice and learn how to play the Basketball game, then to play with outdoor basketball “Ball” is a good idea. Moreover the Indoor basketball Ball’s material, size, shape, and design are specific for professional players. 

In the market, there are many types of “Basketballs”. It is also important to choose the right Ball among them. Usually, people select the wrong item because they don’t know the factors and become confused to select The Best Outdoor Basketball Ball. It seems like a very difficult task but it is very easy to select the right basketball “Ball”.  

In this article, I am going to cover this confusion. I will try my best to guide in this regard.

How to Select The Best Outdoor Basketball?

To select a basketball for a non-experienced basketball player is a tough and difficult task. Newcomers are not well aware of the difficulties of the ground. Basketball and Basketball ground go hand in hand. Your court features must be according to the requirements of basketball. Before buying a basketball, you should keep in mind price, size, cover, material, and performance but the most important features among them are size and material: Let’s discuss these features one by one and try to know their importance in selecting an Outdoor basketball. 

First of all, we have to choose the right size of a basketball. There are five types of basketball in size. The selection of a typical size for typically aged players is a very typical effect on players’ technique because the use of an incorrect sized ball affects on the players’

Size of Basketballs

1- Mini Basketball for the Youngest children

This category of basketball is, particularly for the youngest basketball players. The size of this basketball is 22″ and weighs about 10 oz.

2- Kids Basketball for the Children

This basketball is especially for small children 4-8 years old. The size of this basketball is 25.5″ and weighs only 14 oz. 

3- Youth Basketball for young children

This ideal size of the basketball is typically for young school children. This is a well-known basketball size. The measurement of this basketball is 27.5″ to 27.75″ and the weight is 14-16 oz. 

4- Intermediate Basketball for school and college boys and girls

The second last size of the basketball is Intermediate Basketball. Its size is slightly smaller than the regular official size of a basketball. This size of basketball is very popular among young boys and children. It is also an official size for women’s professional basketball associations. This basketball is also prominent for the College and High school basketball leagues. The size of the basketball is 28.5″ and the weight is 20 oz. 

5- Official Basketball for the NBA games:

The official size of a basketball is 29.5″ and the weight is 22 oz and especially for the professional players. This size of the basketball is especially for the professional basketball associations and also for the College and High School leagues.

The Material

The second and most important thing about the selection of basketball is its Material.  Mostly basketballs are made of leather, leather, and synthetic leather. Basketballs have been categorised by the type of material. This material is used on the outermost layer of the basketball and sometimes is called as the cover material.  The leather, synthetic leather and rubber have their own functionalities. Let’s explore them one by one:

The Rubber

The rubber Basketball is specially made for street players. It is used in basketball to prevent air pressure loss. It is not a common type of rubber. This rubber is called Butyl rubber and this is a very expensive rubber than other types of rubber. Rubber basketballs are particularly designed for outdoor or street basketball players. Actually, the street players have to play in open court. There are a lot of problems like debris, roughness, broken area, and unlevel ground. They are designed to perform well in the abnormal conditions of weather and can persist the rough surfaces well. 

The Features of a street or Rubber Basketball:

  • Reliable enough to use for outdoor 
  • Powerful grip in all weathers
  • Not expensive
  • Typically made for recreational players
  • Available in all sizes and colours
  • Made with Butyl rubber

The Synthetic leather Basketball:

The other type of basketball is synthetic basketball. It is also well-known as a composite basketball. It is made with a mixture of rubber, microfiber, and leather. This is more reliable and expensive than a rubber ball. The composite or synthetic basketball was introduced in 1985 by the Spalding company. The advantages of synthetic leather basketball are firm grip, affordable, multicolour design, usable for both indoor and outdoor also. It is suitable not only for the young players, women and children but professional players also use it. 

The Features of Synthetic Basketball:

  • Useable for both indoor and outdoor courts:
  • Made of a combination of PVC/PU material and woven or non-woven fabric
  • Give better control and grip

Leather Cover Balls:

Leather Basketball is the most expensive basketball in the world of the NBA. It is made of genuine leather and therefore it is the softest and comfortable ball but before the invention of Synthetic or Composite Leather basketballs the solid Leather basketball used to use in the NBA and other games but with the invention of them the Leather basketball, it has no existence anywhere except the NBA leagues. It has less bounce rate and is expensive than Synthetic Basketball, therefore it loses its standing in the middle of 1980 among recreational players.

The features of Leather Ball:

  • Made with pure leather
  • Only use in NBA games
  • Comfortable and the most softball
  • Only for the Indoor basketball game

The Conclusion

Basketball is a game of physical quickness, mobility, agility, balance, jumping, running, strength, and fitness of aerobic and anaerobic. But the perfect combination of this game is a perfect court, a perfect ball, and a perfect physically and mentally healthy player. It does not matter whether you are a street player, indoor or outdoor player, you have to play and perform the best to become a successful and professional player.