How to Remove a Basketball Pole

Removing a pre-installed basketball pole is a very technical task. It is a very dangerous and time taking process. You have to do it when you are going to change your residence, or you want to install a new pole. If you do it alone, it may be difficult for you.

Therefore it is a good idea to get the help of friends and some engineering techniques. Most people take it easy, and they try to do it alone. But during the work, they face a lot of problems.

I shall tell you some simple and careful steps to replace your old basketball pole.

What instructions should you follow during the replacement of a basketball pole?

Basketball pole fixes in the ground. I shall tell you how to replace an in-ground basketball pole. Replacing a basketball pole oneself is a very tough task.

You have to dig out a hole around the pole yourself with the help of a spade or hue. It may tire you a lot, and you may suffer from a high fever.

Therefore it is good to get the help of a professional worker. On the other hand, If you have all of the needs for digging and replacing the pole.

So let us get started…

Step 1: Check the buried utilities

Before you start the actual process of replacing the basketball poll, you have to check for buried utilities.  If you have any kind of buried utilities, you should contact buried service companies. 

Step 2: Remove the Hoop

The basketball pole helps you to set an inground basketball hoop. If you want to change your old basketball pole with a new one, then you should remove the basketball Hoop before falling the Pole. Basketball Hoop is very expensive. If you don’t remove the hoop, it may break into pieces.

Step 3: Clear the area

The basketball pole is very tall and heavy. Before let the pole down, clear the side area of the court. You should keep away the children, wires, and vehicles from the pole court area before falling the pole.  

Step 4: Begin digging to the bottom of the pole

Spade, gardening fork and planting auger are the best tools for digging. You have to dig around the four sides of the pole till you do not reach the bottom. 

Step 5: Shake the pole to make it loosen

Now, it is time to get help. If you have dug out the soil completely, you should shake the pole back and forth. Don’t try to shake it lonely!

The basketball pole is very heavy. If it falls on the court directly, it will damage the court. Therefore it is better to get the help of your friends to shake the pole. Let the pole down very slowly and carefully so that it does not harm you. 

Step 6: Remove the Concrete

If you want to take the pole with you to another location, then it is better to remove the concrete from the pole. Use safety gloves and goggles before removing the concrete, as if any piece of debris sticks into your eyes, it will damage your eyes. Therefore you should use safety items before doing that. 

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Final Words

If you do not satisfy with your work, you should not take the risk of replacing the pole. There is another way of getting the service of professional laborers to replace the basketball pole. This method is a little much costly, but you will be satisfied by their work. If you still agree to replace the basketball pole yourself, then before starting the work, watch this helpful video tutorial.