How to Put on a Basketball Net

How can we put on or change the old basketball net with a new one? It is a very easy task. You need to take just 6 steps for installing a basketball net in the rim. 

Complete Method of Put on a Basketball Net

1- Set up your ladder:-

Basketball hoops are always installed at 10 feet high from the ground, therefore it is not easy to change the net of the rim without a ladder. So, put on a basketball net to the rim is not like hanging a jacket. To put on a basketball net is a time taking the task. Therefore it is very necessary before hanging on the net to set a very reliable ladder under the hoop that can bear your weight, and you can do your work without fear.

2- Remove the old net:-

If your older net is still in a good state and you want to replace that net with a new one. Then you should remove the older net very carefully. If your older net has been broken, then you just need scissors to cut the net.

3- Figure out and remember the attached the side of the net to the rim.

It is very important to remember the opening and closing sides of the basketball net. In the rim, there are almost 12 hooks for hooking the net’s loops. The net’s ropes are attached to those hooks.  One hook is longer than the others in the net. That is the point where you should attach the first and the last rope of the net. 

4- Push the net loops through the rim’s hooks:-

Pick out one side of the loop and make it go through the rim’s hook. Remember, you have to go through all the net loops from the inside to the outside of the rim. 

5- Attach the net loop to the rim hook:-

Make sure that you have understood the previous tips completely. This step is about how the net loops are engaged in the rim hooks. These hooks are not ordinary. You have to see the pictures carefully for a better understanding.

6- Pull the net tight:-

Grab the bottom part of the net tightly, and pull it downward 4 to 5 times to believe that all loops are enough tight to bear the pressure. 

7- Shoot some basketballs:-

To ensure the tightness of the rim and net, shoot some basketballs in the rim.

Final Words:

The basketball net is an important part of the game. Without a net, you cannot play the basketball game properly. The net holds the ball and lets it down very slowly. When any player scores a goal, the net holds the basketball for some time and let it down slowly. It is a very important point in the game. In this way, all of the people can see the goal is scored.