How to Pick the Right Basketball Shoes for you

The selection of right Basketball shoes is one of the most important steps before playing Basketball. The pair of right Basketball shoes plays a key role to enhance your athletic skills and the betterment of playing style. It is not necessary to buy expensive or branded Basketball shoes.  The expensive shoes do not help to boost up your skill level. You will need the right pair of shoes that are much more comfortable for your feet in running. recently I wrote 2 to 3 guides on best basketball shoes, basketball shoes for big mens and basketball shoes for kids, you should also check that Hope these guides also help you :),

However, Different designs of Basketball shoes are available for the mature players and even for the kids.

You need such shoes that protect you from severe injuries like an ankle injury. So, it does not matter to have a heavy budget for buying shoes.  You just need to choose such type of shoes that fit in your feet and prove to be comfortable. This article aims to guide you in choosing the right pair of shoes for you.

Now have a look at the list of most important steps before picking any shoes for you.

Check some variety of Basketball Shoes

Variety of shoes

You don’t need to hurry in choosing the basketball shoes. There is a lot of variety of shoes are available according to skill level and age of the players. So, before choosing any shoes you should take a look at the commonly used basketball shoes. This will help you to pick a right pair of shoes for you according to your skill and budget.

Check the size of shoes

Shoes Size

After choosing the shoes you will check out the size of shoes. You will measure the cut length, vamp, and toe size according to your feet. It should be fit for your feet. The size of shoes plays an important role in running and jumping.

The proper size of shoes helps to protect you from toe injury or ankle injury.

Check the sole design of shoes

sole design of shoes

It is necessary to choose soft and rubber sole shoes. So, you should take a look at the midsole and outsole of the shoes. The midsole mostly made up of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate which is soft and take a part in proper cushioning of shoes. The players use soft sole shoes for Indoor and hard sole shoes for Outdoor Basketball.

Check the comfort of shoes

comfort of shoes

Comfortable shoes are very much important to play a proper game. The width, tightness, and soft cushioning make it comfortable.  It gives the player ankle protection and saves him from any type of injury.

Check the Traction of shoes

Traction of shoes

Traction is the ability of shoes that helps you to grip on the playing areas. It saves you from slipping and gives full control in running. So, you should prefer shoes that have proper traction.

Check the Material and Durability of shoes

Durability of shoes

The branded shoes made from heavy material and it lasts for a long time. You should check the material and durability. The durability and better material will lessen your tension about the shoes. If you want to buy a pair of heavy shoes than you must pay a heavy price but you can also purchase durable shoes at an affordable price.

Choose the shoes according to your skill level


The player should be aware of his skill level. The experienced players need heavy shoes and for a newcomer, mediocre shoes are better. It also depends on the player playing style. There are numerous types of player styles like defender, shooter, flasher, and ball handler, etc. So, you choose such shoes that match your skills.

If you want to Purchase the best basketball shoes, you may read this wonderful article, It may help you a lot 🙂 

Final Tips:

The shoes play a very important role in playing so you should be careful in choosing the Basketball shoes for you. You do need to buy expensive or branded pair of shoes. You should buy shoes that will support you while playing. The shoes should be soft enough and well-cushioned. You should also check out the traction and tightness of shoes. You can buy shoes at an affordable price and according to your playing skill level.