How to Improve Passing in Basketball?

Before playing basketball, it is important to know how to improve passing in basketball. On the other hand, if you don’t have the skills how to pass basketball properly, you will surely lose your game. To be a great player, you should be a master in passing the basketball. That’s why we are here to improve baseball pass in basketball. 

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If you or your team don’t have the passing skill or you may notice the lack of skill in the number of turnovers, then it may not have hidden by other people. Everyone can discover it. However, if your team, including you, have higher turnover, then it’s time to start improving the passing skills. To pass correctly will likely increase the chances of your winning, and you can defend better.

Improving basketball is not something that happens in a day. It requires a lot of time, efforts and energy. Also, there are some factors that need to be considered. Effective passing needs some proper skills that are being put into play each time. There are four major factors that will improve passing quickly, not only in your but even for your whole team.


The first that every play must have is focus while playing basketball. You should be focused when you deliver the ball to the intended player. If you and your team have not focused when playing, they don’t handle the ball. Even you can’t throw the ball to the right recipient.

In order to pass the ball to the correct teammate needs to be the focus rather than blindly throwing. When you are ready to leave the ball from your hands, you must focus on your target player. And the other team player should also keep an eye if mistakenly the ball falls so that you can pick it up quickly.

Even the one-second disconnectivity leads you to failure. So, the first thing is being concentrated during a game. It requires practicing so you can decrease the chance of a turnover.

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Catching Skill

After focusing, the catching skill is the second aspect you should know. For instance, the match is starting. The ball is in your teammate’s hands. The passer wants to throw at you, and you don’t have catching skill, then the pass is pointless. This is frustrating both for the passer as well as the recipient. So to avoid dropping the ball, you should improve your catching skill.  

While playing basketball, you should always ready to catch in every moment. This factor can lessen the chances of missing the ball. When the passer throws the ball, you should ready to catch by opening two hands. Don’t try to catch by one hand. It can increase the chances of dropping. So it is recommended to grasp the ball by two hands, so you have more control over the ball.

There is one more thing that you should know. Never get nervous when the ball is coming at you. You should be confident and prepare your mind to think about you will catch the ball. Therefore, always cool down while playing.


Either you are a passer or recipient, it is crucial to know about your position. You always know about your direction when the ball is moving into your teammates. In this context, you should implement offensive strategies.

It will help you to grasp the ball. So communicate your teammates on the court to make an effective offensive strategy.   

Moreover, you should never run the offense with your back to the passer. Instead, you should be prepared at all times. It needs to keep eye contact as well. Too often, the passer wants to throw at you, and you don’t have the eye-contact. So avoid it as much as you can.

Passing Tips in Basketball

  • If you are a passer, you should take small steps to the intended recipient.
  • Throw the ball in the straight direction so that the recipient can catch easily.
  • When you are delivering the basketball, the ball should be below your shoulder and above your waist of the recipient.
  • Don’t pick a ball between your palm; it should be on your fingertips.
  • The direct pass is much safe over bounce passes.
  • Either chest pass in the basketball or bounce pass in basketball, rest assure to snap your wrist out the edge of your passing move.
  • Whether the passer wants to throw at you or not, you should always keep both hands open towards the ball when it is on the air.
  • Always be ready and show maximum quickness without losing focus.
  • Never pass blindly, let your intender be ready by making the eye-contact
  • Don’t delay to pass the ball by keeping all consideration in mind. The reason is, if you don’t throw quickly, you can lose the ball.
  • Make a wise strategy, let your opponents think that you are throwing to the straight teammate towards you by making fake direction but pass the ball to another direction. This strategy will work if all the team members are always ready at all times.

Receiving Tips in Basketball

  • You should let the passer think that you are ready to catch the ball by keeping your hand open
  • Always concentrate at the ball, so your hands will be ready at every moment
  • It doesn’t need to throw the ball to the next player if you haven’t caught properly.
  • Always move towards the ball
  • When you have the ball, block it with one hand with the fingers spread and tuck the ball
  • Don’t let the ball under your chest’s position. Keep the ball at the center of your chest as well as close to your body.
  • Never try to catch the ball with one hand
  • Don’t let your hands stressed, always relax your hands by focusing on the ball

The Final Words

All in all, we have discussed how to improve passing in basketball. It is no surprise the game needs always prepared at all times. Besides improving your passing skills, you should also know the passing strategies such as passing off the dribbles, hook pass in basketball, overhead pass in basketball, underhand pass in basketball, wrap-around pass in basketball, basketball passing drills, and more. Aside from being focused, being prepared need always relax yourself so that you can make effective passing on the court.