How to Deflate a Basketball

What do we need deflation?

How to release air from a basketball is a very common issue when you have over-inflated your basketball? You don’t need to deflate a new basketball, but over the period, every basketball loses its air pressure, and you have to inflate it. Most of the people fill much air in the ball during inflation. It is very crucial to check the air pressure before playing the game. 

It is not good to play with an over-inflated basketball. It not only disturbs the game but also disturbs the players’ skills.

The average rate of air pressure in a basketball should be 70%. If air is filled more than 70% in a basketball, the player does not control it.

Overinflation increases the bounce rate of the basketball, and the player cannot control the bounce pressure. What are the methods of deflating a basketball? You will come to know all of the issues in this article.

There are several reasons to deflate your basketball. You may have filled much air in the basketball accidentally, or you want to keep your basketball in your bag, or you want to give rest your basketball in winter, or anything else.

The question is, whenever you have to deflate your basketball, what are the requirements for that? This short article will help you to deflate your basketball with home tools. 

Helpful Things for Deflation the Basketball

1- Deflation/Inflation Needle

Tonuni Air Pump Needle is a perfect needle for inflating the sports basketball. You can buy it from any store near to you. 

2- Air Pressure Gauge

Tachikara Ball Pressure Gauge is the best idea to check the limit of the pressure. It tells you the exact average of air pressure. You can buy it from your near store. It is very easy to use and reliable. You can use it for multiple purposes.


Six Easy Steps to Deflate a Basketball

Step 1- Check the pressure in your basketball.

First of all, check the pressure in your basketball. If the pressure is more than normal pressure, you should release some pressure. 

Step 2- Moisten the inflation needle.

Now, it is time to release some air from the ball. It is done by an inflation needle. You will release the air from the basketball with an inflation needle. But before that, it is better to moist the inflation needle with water or saliva, as it makes it easy to work. 

Step 3- Insert the needle into the air valve.

Insert the needle very carefully into the air valve of the ball. Pick the needle that you have bought from the store and insert it into the air valve of the ball completely.

Step 4- Let the air escape.

Once you have entered the needle into the valve, the air will automatically escape from the ball. If you want to release all the air from the ball, you have to squeeze the ball tightly. It will exit the air quickly. On the other hand, if you want to release a little air, you should subduct the needle after a few seconds. Otherwise, your ball will become over-deflated. 

Step 5- Remove the needle.

If you have subducted the air as they need, you should remove the needle.

Step 6- Check the air pressure again.

Now check the air pressure again with an air pressure gauge. It will help you to check the accurate level of air in basketball. 

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Final words

Deflating a basketball is not a difficult method. We have told you the method in an easy way. I am sure, it will help you a lot. I recommend you if you need to deflate your or your friends’ basketball, follow the given instructions and help them.