How to Clean Basketball Shoes?

A basketball player knows well the importance of shoes. It does not matter whether you have bought your basketball shoes for a hundred dollars or just some ducks. Your basketball shoes will be dirty after a game. So It is very necessary to know how to clean the basketball shoes on a daily basis. 

So you may feel the same pleasure every day as you feel on the first day. 

Cleaning is the best idea to protect basketball shoes. It shows your love for your game and shoes. Basketball shoes are very expensive. We cannot buy them again and again. To keep the basketball shoes clean is a very critical matter. Basketball players have to play in and out of the ground. A dirty shoe puts a negative aspect upon the personality of a player, either he is a professional or beginner. It is real that nobody wants to wear dirty shoes whole the year. 

But the question is how to clean the basketball shoes? Don’t worry! I will tell you how to clean basketball shoes. There is no doubt there is no good polish to polish the joggers or basketball shoes. But don’t worry, there are some useful tips to clean basketball shoes. All of the things which I going to tell you are available in your home. You just have to read this article and note down all of these items one by one. To clean a jogger or basketball shoe, you have to get a detergent liquid bottle, warm water, a spongy, and some important precautions that you must follow. 

How to keep clean your performance shoes?

  • Store them at the right place:
  • First of all, you should keep your shoes in the right place after the game. 
  • Don’t use them for your regular use.
  • If you have put your shoes in the bag, don’t try to put pressure on your shoes. Because it can cause them to lose their shape. 
  • Always put your shoes in the open air after using them to protect them from odor.
  • Store your shoes only in their original box in spite of under your bed. 

Some more useful tips:

Keep your favorite basketball shoes clean. It is very necessary to clean your professional basketball shoes on regular basis. 

  • Always clean your shoes after every game.
  • Remove the debris and dirt after using them. 
  • Clean the sole of the shoe with a soft shoe brush or toothbrush
  • To clean the upper part of the shoe, mix a detergent drop in warm water, and clean the shoe with a sponge. 
  • Take the sole out and wash it separately.
  • Dry your shoes at room temperature.
  • Don’t dry your shoes in sunlight or direct heat.

Tip: Never try to wash your shoes in a washing or dryer machine. Cleanliness helps to reduce the odor, provide the best traction, and your shoes will never wear out.