How Long Does a Basketball Game Last in NBA, Colleges, and School?

Basketball games have been playing since early December 1891. Dr. James Naismith (a physical education professor and instructor at the “International Young Men’s Christian Association Training School”)is the founder of the basketball game.

In the modern age, basketball has been playing in every street, school, college, university, national, and international level. 

At High school, college, and university level time period for basketball is different from the NBA. 

The length of a Basketball game at NBA

There are four quarters in an NBA game and every quarter has 12 minutes to play. But the game last can be last up for approximately 150 minutes from start to end.

The extra time spends on timeouts, unexpected injuries, break in-between, fouls and violations, and extra time. 

The length of a Basketball game at Colleges

In colleges, the basketball game consists of 40 minutes, two halves, and four quarters. Both halves have 20 minutes and there are a 15 minutes half-time break between two halves. In the case of a tie, extra 5 minutes will provide.

These extra 5 minutes can give severally until a winner is found. Mostly college games last up for almost 2 hours and 10 minutes.

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The length of a Basketball game at High School

A basketball game is very common in high schools. In schools, the duration of time for playing basketball goes for only 32 minutes. These 32 minutes are divided into four quarters. Each quarter consists of 8 minutes.

The maximum time of the basketball game at the high school is one and a half hours including clock stoppages, fouls, including breathers, and fouls. As we know that the match consists of 4 halves and there is 10 minutes break time between the second and the third quarter. 

When does the clock run?

The clock runs when

  • A foul is called
  • A ball goes out of the pitch
  • Free throws happened

The Shot Clock

  • There is a variation of the shot clock for different levels of basketball:
  • 35 seconds for NCCA College Men
  • 30 seconds for NCCA College Women
  • 24 seconds for NBA

Note: This shot clock rule does not follow in the High Schools.

Time outs: The purpose of time out is to give rest to the teams. 

1- High School-time out

Both of the players and coach can call for the time out. At a high school level, there is a total of five time-outs. Two-time outs are of 30 seconds and the other three time outs are of 60 seconds. 

2- NBA-time outs

In the NBA basketball matches, only players have the facility to call for a time out, there is a total of 6-time outs, and each time out consists of 20 seconds.

3- what is the length of the quarter in a basketball game?

The period of quarters of the basketball game is divided into different phases according to the levels. According to the NBA basketball rules, the time of quarter  12 minutes, the International Basketball Federation’s quarter time is 10 minutes, NCCA’s quarter time is 20 minutes, and high school game quarter-time consists of 8 minutes.