Best Basketball Anime to Watch

Best Basketball Anime to Watch

List of the best Basketball Anime to Watch 1- Slam Dunk Basketball Anime Slam Dunk is a very famous series of basketball anime movies. It has been written by a famous Japanese writer Takehiko Inoue. People like it very much. You can guess about its popularity that only 126 million copies of Slam Dunk sold … Read more

Best NBA Video Games to Play

Best NBA Video Games to Play

NBA Basketball video games reflect a true sense of NBA court. Mostly, you watch your favorite basketball players on the TV screen or watch them live if you have a ticket. Nobody can imagine playing with their favorite basketball players. But NBA basketball games offer us an opportunity to play all tournaments of NBA like … Read more

Best Basketball Movies for All Time

Best Basketball Movies for All Time

The basketball game has the same popularity among men, women, and children. The scope of basketball has spread all over the world. Basketball matches have been played on the Court (playground) between two teams. Millions of people watch these basketball matches live on TV. Seeing people’s interest and popularity in basketball, moviemakers have made some … Read more

How to Put on a Basketball Net

How to Put on Basketball net

How can we put on or change the old basketball net with a new one? It is a very easy task. You need to take just 6 steps for installing a basketball net in the rim.  Complete Method of Put on a Basketball Net 1- Set up your ladder:- Basketball hoops are always installed at … Read more

How Long Does a Basketball Game Last in NBA, Colleges, and School?


Basketball games have been playing since early December 1891. Dr. James Naismith (a physical education professor and instructor at the “International Young Men’s Christian Association Training School”)is the founder of the basketball game. In the modern age, basketball has been playing in every street, school, college, university, national, and international level.  At High school, college, … Read more

History of Basketball – Where Basketball Was Invented the First time?

Mr. James Naismit, (a Physical Education Instructor at the International Young Men’s Christian Association Training School in America) was the inventor of the Basketball game. As he was a physical instructor, he wanted to invent such kind of indoor game that athletes can play during the winter season. His thoughts became true when he set … Read more

Why Basketball Players Are So Tall?

Why Basketball Players are so Tall

Are you wondering by thinking why basketball players are so tall? Ever you observe about basketball players’ height? There are reasons to select the tall players in the basketball game. Recently especially for this, we made a special guide where we covered the best basketball shoes for big men. Obviously, height matters in every game. … Read more