Best NBA Video Games to Play

Basketball video games have earned a lot of fame during the last 20 years. It has become so popular among children and youngsters. Many NBA players like Gordon Hayward, Joel Embiid, Andre Drummon, etc., love to play NBA games in their leisure time.

NBA Basketball video games reflect a true sense of NBA court. Mostly, you watch your favorite basketball players on the TV screen or watch them live if you have a ticket.

Nobody can imagine playing with their favorite basketball players. But NBA basketball games offer us an opportunity to play all tournaments of NBA like a true basketball player with our favorite players.

There are so many basketball games in the market that you can play alone and with your friends, but I have listed a special edition of these NBA basketball games.

These games are developed with the latest technology, and you would feel like you are playing on a real court. Let’s try to know the best quality NBA games. 

List of the best NBA Video Games

1- NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition – PlayStation 4

NBA 2K21 game is one of the top-level NBA games. Visual Concepts developers have developed it. It is playable on all android devices.

NBA 2K is the greatest franchise of NBA games. This franchise launches one NBA game every year. Therefore it has launched its latest NBA game, version 2K21, with the start of the new year 2021. It has got popular among game lovers since its teaser was launched.

The game has various game modes. This game allows you perfect gameplay. You can start your NBA 2K21 game career like the first day at the NBA court. You can customize your player with MyPlayer Builder. You can build your separate team, and play with the computer, and online with friends.

The graphics of NBA 2K21 are superb. You can’t realize that the players are real or unreal. The players’ movements, courts, and playing style are really amazing features of the game.

You also have the option to select a male or female player. All in all, the game is a complete entertainment package.

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2- NBA 2K20 Legend Edition PlayStation 4

NBA 2K20 is the previous version of the NBA 2K franchise. You have different options to play this game like Quick Play, Play WNBA, NBA Today, and Play Now Online.

This game exactly teaches you how to play basketball. It teaches you all of the rules of basketball. You learn how to free Throw, Pick & Roll, Play in the post, Defense, Rebounding, Moving off the ball, etc. NBA 2K20 teaches you everything about the basketball game.

If you don’t know anything about NBA games, it doesn’t matter. NBA 2K20 gives you the Quick Play option to practice it before playing with other friends so that you may give them a tough time. If you are a good player in basketball, then you have a chance to become an MVP or NBA champion. 

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3- NBA Live 19 – PlayStation 4

NBA Live 19 basketball game series is a very famous game. If you face hurdles while playing the NBA 2K basketball games, you can play NBA Live 19 very easily.

NBA Live 19’s gameplay is straightforward to play. You have a My Team option through which you can customize your team and select different game modes.

It is all about how to become a real basketball champion. The graphics of the game are outstanding. You feel like real players have been playing the game.

The computer can automatically assess the actions of players. The courts of the NBA Live 19 are amazing. The courts of NBA Live 19 are wonderful.

You feel like you are playing on a real court. NBA Live 19 allows you to make your player as you want. You can change their dressing, appearance, and position.

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4- NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 (PS4)

NBA 2K Playground 2 is another basketball simulation game. It is not like other basketball games in which you play with 5v5 players. In this game, you can play 2v2 player mode. This game allows you to play with both solo and multiplayer modes.

These modes give you a chance to enhance your capabilities individually as well as collectively. The experience of multiplayer mode makes you a perfect player of basketball, and at the end of the day, you will become a champion of your team.

2K Playgrounds 2 gives you opportunities to play with your friends using online mode. If you win the championship, you will able to unlock a legend.

For example, you will get access to Magic Johnson if you win a trophy. NBA 2K is a simulation game, but it has a lot of original basketball traditions.

For instance: you acquire a new player and increase player stats if you level up the cards. During the game, you earn the game currency and able to enhance the capabilities of your player.

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5- NBA 2K17 Standard Edition – PlayStation 4

NBA Basketball 2K17 is also one of the best games on our game list. This version of NBA 2K is not less than its successors’ versions. 2K17 reflects a true sense of basketball tournament.

Uniforms, courts, players, and rules of the games show the originality of basketball. The best thing about 2K17 is that the graphics are so real that you feel like you play on NBA Playgrounds.

It has been the best game ever, as it is capable of on any android device. You can enjoy this game by playing tournaments with computers as well as with your friends. 

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Final Words

NBA Video Games are an incredible source of entertainment. For playing these games, you do not need to become punctual for a specific time. You can play these games any time of the day. These games provide you entertainment and give you a chance to become a champion of basketball.