Best Low Top Basketball Shoes in The World

There are three categories of Basketball shoes in the market not according to their size but according to their Low-Top, Mid-Top shoes, and High-Top. 

Low-Top Shoes! I have never heard about it ever before. What does it mean? 

“The Low-Top Basketball Shoes are shoes that do not cover the ankle completely and the border of the shoes stop below the ankle.”

Why do we use Low-Top basketball shoes?

We know, we walk and move with the help of our feet. The basketball game is hard. Players have to make a very fast move, up and down, posting up, pull up jumpers, between the legs, crossover, layups, and many more actions. All of these actions have been done with the help of feet. Low-Top Basketball shoes are the best option to pick all of these actions quickly and to give the opponents a tough time. If our feet do not respond with a quick reaction, there is a chance to lose the game.

In the case of boosting your speed, the Low-Top Basketball shoes are the best idea because they are lightweight and very helpful in better mobility and this is the main reason to select them. They give a wide range of motion and don’t hold you back when you want to jump. Beginners, Fast, and all-around players should play with lightweight shoes as they give them more flexibility, cushioning, and support. 

The history of Low-Top Basketball shoes:

Adidas is the founder of Low-Top Basketball shoes. Adidas introduced the Low-Top shoes named “Superstar” in the market in 1969. Nike is the second brand that made Low-Top shoes in 2008. The major reasons to make this version were the difficulties of High-Top and Mid-Top shoes. The High-Top and Mid-Top shoes were not good for youngsters and beginners. High-Top Basketball shoes were specifically for long players. High-Top shoes were not moderate for the college boys as they do not let them play properly. 

Let’s see the Best Low-Top Basketball shoes in The Market

1- Adidas Harden Vol. 2

adidas Harden Vol. 2""Blue Night Shoe - Men's...
  • Textile upper
  • Lace closure
  • Sock like construction

Adidas has introduced the Harden Vol.2 basketball shoes for the Basketball players and youngsters. The shoes are practically supportive and offer a bundle of soothing, pleasure, and power of competition confidently.

Its powerful grip allows you to jump, move, run, stop, and boost up the speed effectively. It gives our feet an extra strength for jumping and does not push back our feet. The lower top is very supportive to move freely and there is no chance of ankle scratching. Harden Vol.2 is not only for playing the game, but you can also wear it under your jeans and make merry in the street.

It upgrades your playing style and you feel more pleasure. This is only one piece in the market, and there is no other competitor for it. Its unique style, design, and color combination make it an all-rounder in the world.  People like shoes with signature and line looking design. Its splendid features are full-length, Boost, cushioning, Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cage, net, holes, and lining style. Its unique design attracts people to purchase it immediately.

Why should we like it?

  • Beautiful design
  • Powerful rubber sole
  • Supportive tongue pad
  • Cushioning upper part

   Why do we not like it?

  • N/A

2- Kobe A.D. NXT 360

Our next best Low-Top Basketball shoe is Kobe A.D. NXT 360. It is the best product of Nike in the field of Low-Top shoes. It does not only for the basketball players but also for the runners, cyclists, footballers, tennis players, and badminton players. Nike Kobe AD NXT 360’s cushioning setup has impressed almost all NBA players. The perfect setup of dual-density React and Lunarlon are the best reasons to like it. People have declared their reviews positively and report that it has done its job perfectly. The low-top design and flexible Flyknit provides the best support according to the needs of Basketball players.

Why should we like it?

  • dual-density, midsole and outside
  • easier to do jump, move, and grip on the court
  • signature footwear line up style

Why do we not like it?

  • Too much fitness

3- Reebok Shaq Attaq

Reebok Shaq Attaq is one of the best basketball brands in the history of Reebok. It has been rigorously inspected by experienced athletes and guaranteed authentically. These shoes are the best pair for Athletes. Reebok Shaq Attaq shoes have been designed for better running and make the best grip on the court. People like the white and red colour combination with Reebok signature features.

Why should we like it?

  • Provides the best support to your ankles
  • Comfortable design
  • Cushioning compliment for your toes
  • Available at reasonable price
  • Great quality and Heavy-duty job

Why do we not like it?

  • No/Abuses
  • It may be at a higher price than your pocket bank but it is the best product in the market.

4- Nike Lebron Soldier 12

Nike Lebron Soldier XII (ps) Little Kids Aa1353-003...
  • Nike Lebron Soldier XII (ps) Little Kids Aa1353-003 Size 12C

If you are looking for the best Low-Top shoes for jumping and want to give a tough time to your opponents then the Nike Lebron Soldier 12 should be your first choice. The rubber sole makes a strong grip on the court.

Its leather material provides you with a great quality and heavy-duty job. The basketball players post the reviews that they feel like a walk on clouds when they wear the Nike Lebron. They feel the great impression of energy and protection. Its upper part is so soft, comfortable and reliable. It has an additional feature of the strap to fasten the shoe more effectively and provides superb support and protection.

Why should we like it?

  • Versatile positive report by buyers
  • Prevent the feet from slippage
  • Designed with interlocking straps Nice and Elegant look

Why do we not like it?

  • Colours may fade quickly
  • Not good for outdoor use

5- Air Jordan 3 Retro

Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro III SE Unite Fire Red...
  • Style#: CK5692-600
  • the original AJ III sported unique “elephant hide” print detailing at the heel and toe, offering...
  • High-performance full leather upper provides durability.

Air Jordan is an icon of excellence in the field of sports. Air Jordan has been developing excellent products since its origin. The results of Air Jordan are beyond the expectations of the buyers. There are a bundle of great styles in this version. Many experts have recommended it personally for their teams. This is the latest technology shoe product. Air Jordan is the best choice for high jump, traction and cushioning.

It is made of leather and rubber material. The basketball players have to move at a rapid pace and change directions very quickly. Therefore it has been made such a quality product that Its flat sole and fitness quality can control the balance of the players and support them to change the directions and move as they want. 

As we know that the basketball game is tough So it is necessary to use lightweight shoes so that you may feel free, peace and calm during the play. Therefore, a Low-Top shoe is the best decision in this regard.

Why should we like it?

  • Rubber sole helps to grip perfectly on the court
  • Upper is made of leather material
  • Fit to your feet 
  • More lightweight, more mobility

Why do we not like it?

  • A bit painful to play for beginners
  • Feel hot

6- Nike Zoom Kobe 5

The last product in our best basketball low-top shoes is Nike Zoom Kobe 5. It is the best selling brand in 2020. It covers all the aspects that are initial for the basketball game. You have not opted to use it only for a Basketball game but you can also use it for your cycling, running, badminton and what you want to play. It supports well because of its top-notch and external heel up design. You feel great fitness and lockdown on the top of your foot. People do not feel any ankle, toes, or side problems by using it.

If you want to be a quick and nimble player on the court of basketball then a Low-Top basketball shoe is the best choice for you. The low top always sits below the ankle and does not prevent mobility. Mobility is an essential part of the court.

If you are not quick and your ankles do not supply you a full range of motion, you cannot compete with your competitors accurately. The low-top shoe is more lightweight than high-top shoes and mid-top shoes. Therefore Nike Zoom Kobe 5 is the best choice for you to mobile on the court quickly and energetically. 

Why should we like it?

  • Available in 8 different design
  • The upper part is lightweight
  • great support 
  • flexible material
  • A huge external heel cup
  • no chance of slipping heel
  • dead space on the forefoot

Why do we not like it?

  • The rubber may not grab the floor in some cases

Buying Guide

How to check perfect shoes for you?

Check the width and volume of your foot. There should be space 1/4 -1/2 inches in the toe with a snug forefoot and heel. It will protect you and does not allow you to slip. There should be no pain, discomfort or irritation, tension over the arches, and discomfort while you are walking or jumping. If you feel a perfect amount of support, cushioning, flexibility for movements, and lightweight then you should choose it. 

Tip: How to check the difference between real leather and synthetics leather?

The real leather will be stretched when you stretch it but synthetics leather don’t stretch on stretching. 

The features of Stability for Low-Top Basketball shoes:

Closure System

The closure system is a crucial part to protect the foot, secure the shoes, to avail the soothing effect of fitness and to provide the proper function of the foot. Braces and straps are used in the shoes to ensure the closure system. 

Heel Counter

This is the most important part of the shoes as it helps to jump and move immediately. The heel counter is situated in the back part of the shoes and particularly made of small plastic but in the basketball game shoes, soles are made of leather material. It manages the foot balance when you want to stop and push yourself back. 

The Mid-Foot shank

The shank plate is used in every performance shoe. It is like a rectangular strip of material that keeps on the mid-foot of the shoe to support the heel and ball of the foot. The mid-foot shank keeps in the shoes according to the shoe design. It can be placed on the top of the midsole or between the outsole and midsole. The shank plate prevents the shoes from overfolding and protects your foot from any unexpected sprain or injury.

Inner Sleeve

The function of the inner sleeve in the basketball shoes is very integral. The interior part of the shoes is mostly lined with a form-fitting and comfortable material to boost up its tightness. It gives you a cushioning and comfortable environment. The inner sleeves help your feet to move easily and keep them pain-free. 

Side Clips

The side is also an additional feature in the performance shoes. The side clips are used to enhance the feature of support and reliability of the shoe sole. It supports the foot and does not allow to fold the sole of the shoe and protect the foot effectively. Side clips are made of hard plastic material. The shoes also look more attractive and well designed. Some brands do not use side clips because of their hardness.


Basketball shoes are very costly. They are more unique than general shoes. Their hardware does not relate to common shoes. Basketball shoes are often made of lightweight and breathable material. The material of the shoes affects a lot. As your material is stronger, your shoes will be more durable and long-lasting.

The second part of the list of material is leather or fabric, that is used in the preparation of the shoes. Leather shoes are a better idea than fabric because you can clean the leather shoes in just a single wipe. The ingredients that have been used in the preparation of the basketball shoes are canvas, synthetic leather, pure leather, polycarbonate plastic material, foam, Nylon and rubber. The most prominent material among them is the synthetic material. Synthetic material is famous for its durability and lightweight. Pure leather is heavy.

The Sole

Choose the non-marking rubber outsole and flat sole shoes. This sole has good traction on the court. This sole is very helpful to pick the full range of motion and provides a lot of flex grooves to your feet. You feel more secure, solid and grip on the playground while you are playing.

The Best Cut Length

The cut length of Low-Top shoes is specially made for more lightweight and better mobility. These two aspects enhance the players’ stamina and provide them with more energy, support and protection to play. 

The Anatomy

The other important parts of the shoe are Cut Length, Tongue, Lacing, Upper, Toe Box, Sole, Insole or Midsole, Heel Cushioning, and Heel Counter. The basketball shoes come in different sizes for different levels. The sizes are different but the parts of the shoes are the same in every category. The padded tongue of the shoe helps to increase all in all fitness and comfortability.

Laces are also an important part in the shoes and they are also commonly known to fit the shoe according to your need. The lightweight and breathable upper part of the shoes have been mostly made with leather, synthetic leather or mesh.

The front part of the shoe should be more flexible than others as it gives a full range of motion to the player. The sole of the shoe is specially made of rubber material and it gives more comfortability, cushioning, support and shock absorption energy. The heel of the shoe is supported with a strict plastic clip to protect your heel in a better way. 

Final Verdict

These shoes are not common. These pairs of shoes are very costly, therefore it is very important to protect them more and more and As we know that players have to play the game with their full intention and force. The shoes have to tolerate thousands of hits daily. These hits rot the stuff of the shoes very quickly and shoes have decayed only in one month. 

Low-Tops shoes provide maximum mobility and they are in a lightweight but they are not perfect for the protection of your ankle’s injury. Therefore you should use ankle braces for better results. As well as big and slow guys don’t need to use low-tops shoes. The best brands for basketball low-tops shoes are Adidas, Anta, Jordan, Nike, Rebook, Under Armour. You are free to choose the brand as you desire.

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