Top 6 Best Lightweight Basketball Shoes For Men

There are so many games played in the world like cricket, football, tennis, basketball, etc. Games teach us discipline, rules and regulations, respect authority, and create a learning environment. We also come to know about the importance of victory.

To win a game, it is essential to wear quality and suitable uniforms and shoes. The uniform is an iconic sign of every team. The second thing is that shoes play a great role in the games. 

There are so many types of shoes in the market like low-top shoes, flat-shoes, high-top shoes, plantar fasciitis shoes, heavy shoes, and light shoes. But the question is, what kind of shoes are suitable to play in?

If you want to play for hours without tiredness, then lightweight basketball shoes are the best idea. I have listed some of the best lightweight shoes and tried to explain them with their high-performance quality.

Lightweight Basketball Shoes For Men

1- “ADIDAS MEN’S DAME 4” Basketball Shoes

The first lightweight shoe on our list is “Adidas Men’s Dame 4”. These shoes are not at a high price but have all of the best qualities with expensive shoes. If you see, its sole is designed with cuts. The purpose of cuts is to provide maximum support and grip on the court.

It does not slip on the court and never lets you fell after high jumps. The backside is very supportive along the elevated heel, and the counter box help to run fast.

The heel’s back height helps the players run on their fingers without any hurdle, and the back tab provides comfortability to your ankle. The front part is also elevated. It covers your toes accurately and has enough room to flex your toes easily. 

  • 100% Pure synthetic fiber
  • Cushioning insole provides maximum peace
  • Traction offer heel arch
  • A great quality tongue pad
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Very tight counter collar

2- “Under Armour Curry 5” Basketball Shoes

Under Armour has introduced “Curry 5 Lightweight” basketball shoes. The upper cover is made of pure synthetic fabric. The synthetic fabric always provides a soothing effect to the foot, and you never feel roughness.

The inside of the shoe is filled with a lot of foam that you need not wear socks to prevent rubbing of shoes. The design of the sole and upper part of the shoes is beautiful and unique.

Suppose we talk about sole characteristics that are more interesting. The design and color of the sole have developed to give more traction and power to run and jump on the court.

  • Lightweight
  • Provide top speed and agility
  • EVA cushioning midsole
  • The wonderful grip on energy
  • Laces for lockdown protection
  • Not good for runners


“Nike Men’s KD Trey 5” shoes are trendy for their lightweight and heavy performance. You can wear these shoes for every kind of sport. “Nike KD Trey 5” shoes allow the players to run and jump quickly and save their energy maximum.

These shoes not only improve the skill of the sportsmen but enhance their energy also. The sole of the shoe is made of pure blue rubber to provide maximum flexibility to the players.

The design of the sole helps the players to freeze their feet on the court. The toe box, collar, vamp, and tongue with soothing foam provide durability and support to your feet. The dynamic look of the tread pattern is beautiful.

  • Firmer foam
  • Stability
  • Attractive look
  • Soft midsole
  • Well supportive
  • N/A



“Cloud Mesh Balck White” shoes are made of rubber, synthetic, and mesh. The “Cloud Mesh” shoes have the most prominent features and reasons to buy them. The stylish sole and upper cover force the users to buy it again and again.

The blend of black, white, and grey color make it more attractive. The synthetic and mesh fiber provides maximum protection to the feet and saves your feet from unexpected injuries. The “Black White Trainer” shoes are breathable.

These shoes never allow the perspiration to stay in the shoe and create a messy odor. The shoes are very flexible and powerful for playing basketball, running, and football games. You can wear these shoes in your jeans. The lightweight shoes allow you to do what you want.

  • Imported
  • Rubber Sole
  • Heavy-duty material
  • High-quality foam
  • Players feel great
  • Not good for High Arch Foot



Another Under Armour’s lightweight basketball shoe. How beautiful these shoes are! “Ignite 5” basketball shoes are made of high technical quality products. A shoe is made for the protection and calmness of the foot. “Ignite 5” fulfills these requirements.

It provides you the best agility to run on the court but bears the shocks and pressure during the game. The unique design of the sole with the black, grey, and red color combination, force the players to buy it. The design of the upper part is exquisite.

The heel pad is covered with an extra Under Armour signature strap. The strap provides extra energy and protection to your heel for fast running.

High-top style “Under Armour Lightweight Shoes” covers your ankle completely, and there is no chance of injuries. The toe box, vamp, tongue, and collar are filled with a lot of foam and give a very soothing effect on your feet.

  • Breathable
  • Pure rubber sole
  • High-top style
  • Fit to foot
  • Durable
  • N/A



The last lightweight basketball shoe is “Nike Men’s KD 7”. This shoe is a very fresh piece in the market. The design and style of the shoe are made according to modern needs. The shoe reflects the fashion mind of the youngsters.

You can not only wear this shoe at the basketball match, but you can wear it under your college or university jeans also. The sole is very comfortable and attractive as it is made of a fine plastic sheat and rubber. The plastic sheet not only protects the shoe’s rubber sole from abrasions but protects your foot from any harmful object also.

The toe box is decorated simply with a Nike logo design. The laces style is ordained with two extra clips to tighten the laces more tightly. The heel arch and counter box have a lot of foam to protect your heel and ankle perfectly. 

  • Cushioning material
  • Attractive design
  • Double sole
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Tongue pad has less foam



I have mentioned some of the best lightweight and light price shoes for you. The purpose of these shoes is to give you more energy and power to play on the court. Lightweight shoes do not put a burden on your shoes. You never feel tiredness, and they never make you tired even after a 2:30 hour match.

According to the coaches and professional basketball players, lightweight shoes play a vital part in the game. You can well jump and run. All of these shoes have extra bouncy foam, breathable fabric, and protective soles.