6 Best Basketball Shorts in 2021(Buyer’s Guide)

Best Basketball Shorts

Best Basketball shorts are a part of versatile playing dress, especially for athletes. A better pair of shorts is something that makes your game too much effect on the playing field. It gives you an easy way to let out your athletic skills. Wearing these shorts is not restricted to a Basketball game, but people love to wear them for gym working out, hiking, running, and cycling. Besides this many people wear long shorts for fashion and soft shorts for summer as well.

A large variety of admirable Basketball shorts is available that are being manufactured by various renowned brands. However, most of the shorts have the same material, but they have different colors, styles, and manufacturing processes.

Before playing Basketball, selecting the fitting shorts is an important step that should be taken so carefully.

Now, come to the point!

I know you are looking for a pair of Basketball shorts, that’s why you are here. For this, here I have added the six best basketball shorts. These top-rated shorts are exceptionally well designed and also got excellent reviews from buyers. For exceptional performance and enhancing your skills, these shorts are helpful and give a comfortable feel. 

This article aims to help you in choosing the best basketball shorts that are up to your desires.



The Nike Dry Men’s short high brand read short is one of Nike’s best shorts. These shorts have exceptional Dri-Fit technology that helps to wick sweat quickly and keeps it dry. 100% Polyester is used in them as Polyester is the best material for shorts and t-shirts. It is highly comfortable and allows to move in all directions quickly. Zipper pockets at the sides are so helpful to keep your phone or small-sized stuff inside them. Elastic waistband and closure are easily adjustable and secure. Nike’s signature on the shorts looks so pretty.

The lightweight fabric is ultrasoft and machine washable. Some players love to play Basketball offensively, and this pair of shorts is perfect for them as it is highly comfortable and allows easy movement. Moreover, they are good enough to use in summer as these shorts have the exceptional moisture-wicking ability. Many people have used these shorts, and they gave excellent reviews. These shorts are available in admirable colors and desirous sizes.

  • Dri-Fit Technology to keep it dry
  • Wicks sweat and dries so quickly
  • Material is lightweight and durable
  • Imported
  • Machine Washable
  • Zipper pockets for little bit storage
  • Material is a little bit thin as compared to others



Brand: Nike
Material: 100% Polyester
Closure: Elastic closure with internal drawcord
Inseam:  9 inches
Product Dimensions: 11 x 9.5 x 1.4 inches
Shipping Weight: 4.2 ounces

Our Verdict

Nike Dry High Brand Shorts is a superior choice, especially for offensive basketball gameplay and gym workout.  Ultra-soft and comfortable shorts have the exceptional moisture-wicking ability. These shorts are pretty adorable and available at reasonable prices.



Adidas is a well-reputed brand that has been manufacturing high-quality basketball shoes and versatile clothing for players for many years. Adidas Men’s 3g Speed X Shorts is considered as one of their best products. This short is made up of 100% polyester and has a super sweat-wicking ability. Polyester is one of the best materials for sports dressing. A pretty convenient feature of these shorts is that it has front zipper pockets that help keep small stuff inside.

These shorts are one of the Best Basketball shorts now and have got enormous reviews. The shorts are better for multiple physical games like hiking, cycling, running, and gym workout. Highly comfortable and easily breathable shorts help to enhance your performance on the court. 3-stripes and logo on the leg look so admirable. Moreover, the shorts are much comfortable, and the fabric used keeps them cooler even in the summer. This lightweight fabric is climate-friendly and helps to move around quickly. These convenient shorts are machine washable and have elastic closure. All the sizes and numerous colors in these shorts are available quite easily.




      Brand: Adidas
      Material: 100% Polyester
      Closure: Elastic closure
      Shipping Weight: 4.2 ounces
      Inseam: 12 inches

      Our Verdict

      If you want to buy a pair of shorts for a Basketball game or considerable athletic skills, then Adidas Men’s 3G speed X shorts are the best choice to have. These shorts are pretty durable and available at an affordable price.



      Under Armour is a well-reputed brand worldwide, especially for the production of high-quality t-shirts and Shorts. One of their top-ranked productions is Under Armour men’s raid ten shorts. UA has introduced UPF 30 technology in these shorts that will help to protect the player’s skin from harmful rays. These shorts have been enriched with lots of features.

      The shorts are made up of 85% polyester and 15% Elastane. This material is considered to be the best choice for use in sports dresses. Moreover, the lightweight fabric of shorts can wick sweat and dry it quickly. The most convenient thing is that manufacturers have used anti-odor technology in these shorts that helps to prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes. The shorts allow moving all-around quickly because it is fully stretchable. Ultra-soft Heatgear fabric is super comfortable and better to use for hot weather. You can enhance your basketball skills with these stylish shorts even it is helpful for gym working out, cycling, running, hiking, etc. These shorts are available in charming colors for buyers at reasonable prices.

      • Imported
      • UPF 30 technology helps to protect skin from harmful rays
      • Anti-odor technology prevents odor-causing microbes
      • Ultra-soft and highly comfortable
      • Fabric wicks sweat and dry it rapidly
      • 4-way stretch construction
      • A little bit expensive due to superior construction
      • There is no built-in liner



      Brand: Under Armour
      Material: 85% Polyester, 15% Elastane
      Closure: Drawstring Closure with internal drawcord
      Shipping Weight: 8.4 ounces
      Inseam: 10 to 12 inches
      Product Dimensions:10 x 8.2 x 1.2 inches

      Our Verdict

      UA Men’s Raid 10 high-tech shorts are the Best Basketball shorts and can be used for any athletic gameplay. It’s lightweight, and the anti-odor fabric is highly comfortable to wear. This is one of the top-rated shorts of all time and available here at an affordable price.



      BALEAF Men’s 11 shorts is an enormous innovation, especially for Athletic Basketball players. Besides this, it can be used for many other purposes like gym work out, cycling, jogging, hiking, or basketball practice on the court. The shorts are 100% Polyester, which is considered the best material for sports outfits.

      This is why these shorts are ultra-soft, lightweight, and durable enough at the same time. The highly comfortable and stretchable design allows the player to move all-around quickly.

      The shorts have elastic closure and waistband with an inner drawstring that helps to fit according to the waist. Zipper pockets are helpful to save small stuff inside. The inseam of the smaller size is about 10.5 inches, while larger size XXXL has a 12.6-inch inseam, and the rest of the short dimensions have to inseam between this range. The length of the pair of shorts is below the knee, but it is pretty breathable and offers proper ventilation. At the same time, the fabric used in them has the fantastic sweat-wicking ability. These shorts come only in black color; all the sizes are available.

      • Material wicks moisture and dries it quick
      • Deep zipper pockets for storage
      • The ultra-soft fabric is comfortable
      • Least Expensive
      • Lightweight and Durable
      • There is no liner included
      • Short length



      Brand: BALEAF
      Material: 100% Polyester
      Closure: Elastic closure with inner drawstring
      Package Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 2 inches
      Shipping Weight: 7.4 ounces
      Inseam: 10.5 to 12.6 inches

      Our Verdict

      If you want to buy a pair of shorts for athletic Basketball gameplay and gym workout, then BALEAF Men’s 11 shorts are the best choice for you. These shorts have a skin-friendly fabric with high comfort, and it helps to enhance your performance. It does not cost too much you can purchase it easily.


      Basketball shorts

      Champion Men’s Long Mesh pair of shorts is also one of the Best Basketball shorts because of its high quality. These shorts are entirely made up of polyester. And the lightweight fabric used in them has a long mesh surface which is highly breathable. The shorts have side pockets for the temporary storage of small stuff like mobile. The built-in mesh design fabric offers proper ventilation. Internal drawcord allows adjusting fit, and shorts have elastic closure.

      These shorts are machine washable because the material used in them has better quality. The design is exceptionally comfortable and allows the player to move in all dimensions. So, you can use it for offensive basketball gameplay, the gym works out, or cycling, etc.  Moreover, the shorts have a stylish look and available in decent colors at a pretty affordable price. All the sizes are also available here, so you do not need to go anywhere else.

      • Elastic waistband for easy fit
      • The lightweight fabric is ultra-soft and breathable
      • Spacious pockets for storage
      • Machine Washable
      • Durable design with extreme comfort
      • Cost-effective
      • Waistband has a bit rough surface
      • Fabric begins to shrink after several pieces of washing



      Brand: Champion
      Material: Made up of 100% Polyester
      Closure: Elastic Closure and Internal Drawcord
      Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 8 x 1 inches
      Shipping Weight: 11.7 ounces
      Inseam:  9 inches

      Our Verdict

      If you are looking for a lightweight and comfortable pair of shorts, then you should have an eye on Champion Men’s long mesh shorts because these shorts offer extreme comfort while playing Basketball.  Moreover, it does require a heavy budget.


      Basketball shorts with pockets

      Russell Athletic Men’s Mesh Short is a well-made pair of shorts that the Russell brand has manufactured. The shorts have a mesh design that offers proper ventilation. These shorts are entirely made of Polyester as it is considered the best material for versatile sports clothing. The superior construction of shorts provides high comfort for players and enhances their performance on the court.

      The convenient feature is that it has Dri-power technology that prevents moisture and keeps it dry.  Moreover, side pockets help to keep your small stuff inside and safe. Elastic closure with an internal drawcord allows for an adjustable fit. These imported shorts are machine washable. Extremely well-designed shorts for Basketball, gym working out, running, cycling, or do practice to enhance athletic skills. The 9 inches inseam of this pair of shorts remains above the knee. The material gives a comfortable feel and allows the player to move quickly in all directions. Moreover, these shorts are available in admirable colors and all sizes.

      • Imported
      • Machine Washable
      • Breathable mesh construction offers ventilation
      • Dri-power technology to keep it cool and dry
      • Side pockets for small essentials storage
      • Least expensive
      • Fabric strings come off easily
      • Not enough stretchable



      Brand: Russell
      Material: 100% Polyester
      Closure: Elastic Closure with internal drawcord
      Product Dimensions:9 x 8.2 x 1 inches
      Shipping weight: 8.4 ounces
      Inseam: 9 inches

      Our Verdict

      Extremely well-designed Russell Athletic Men’s Mesh Shorts offer more excellent playability with super comfort. These shorts have exceptional breathable construction with Dri-power technology and available at reasonable prices.


      Well, guys, all these are the Best Basketball shorts manufactured by well-reputed brands and have been passed through strict manufacturing processes—highly comfortable designs for multiple athletic games, especially for Basketball players. Enormous reviews of buyers have come into seeing, and players love these shorts all over the world. These shorts are made of Polyester, which is considered the best material for shorts. Exceptional sweat-wicking ability and anti-odor technology of shorts will let you play the game seriously without any tension. These top-ranked shorts are available at reasonable prices. Multiple admirable colors and all the sizes come in them.

      Quick Tips

      While playing basketball, the proper sports dress plays a vital role in the movement of the player. So, it would help if you were careful while choosing a Basketball short for you. And it does not necessary to buy an expensive one. A comfortable pair of shorts matters a lot to enhance your performance on the court.

      The best choice in our list is Under Armour Men’s Raid 10 shorts because of their superior construction and top ranking. This pair of shorts has UPF technology that will protect your skin from harmful rays. Besides this, all other shorts are also worthwhile, and they offer better Basketball gameplay. 

      So, now it’s your turn to pick a pair of shorts according to your requirements.

      Good Luck