Top 12 Best Basketball Shoes in 2020 [Review & Complete Buying Guide]

Choosing the best basketball Shoes pair can be difficult Finding the latest releases, reading reviews, checking prices and getting the right size – settling on a new pair often takes me days or even weeks. You need a pair of shoes that are comfortable, supporting and provide right traction for your feet before In this blog we shall explain the different parameters to be considered before player took the buying decision of basketball shoe.

Determine the Playing Level (All-around type Players):

Best Basketball Shoes

All-around game style player required a unique combination of cushioning and traction force. All round player type requires a moderately cushioned shoe while requiring excellent traction force.

Players need to check out the outer sole to get good traction force from the shoe. The outer sole must be rubber material of good quality with excellent grip patterns Nowadays; Shoes are coming with good grips.

Determine the Playing Level –Fast Players:

The player with fast playing style game required a very lightweight shoe with excellent profile outer shoe. The shoe should be equipped with a lower cut shape profile to provide greater stability in the basketball court during the fast run.

A configuration of the lower cut shoe provides better balance and a lighter shoe type. A basketball player can run effectively and dribble in court with Very Lightweight shoe.

Determine the Playing Level –Aggressive Players:

Aggressive Playing style players require a shoe with more cushioning and more traction force. To get more cushioning, a player needs to check the midsole configuration, technologies carefully, and its material Nowadays there are various brands in the market player can check it out.

Construction of Shoe –Upper Part:

The upper part of the basketball shoe protects during the basketball game and keeps the shoe stable. Buyers need to select the top – quality shoe, but it will cost more.

Upper shoe material should be breathable and durable to maintain the shoe’s freshness during intense play. Manufacturers now produce the upper material with leather and synthetic mesh composition. Leather material provides breathable and flexible durability with synthetic mesh.

Closure systems

Another point to be checked in the upper part by the player is the closure systems. In basketball shoes, there are several closure systems available, the closure systems which are mainly used in the industry are as follows:


The closure system for laces in basketball shoes are very common. It gives the perfect lacing system while providing players with good stability. Players also have flexibility in loosening and tightening the shoe as required by the game.


Few basketball shoes come with a strap that wraps around the upper arch, providing protection against the rollover of the ankle and providing greater stability. Some shoe also offers a Laces and Straps combination.

Construction of Shoe –Mid Sole:

Mid Sole is an essential part of the basketball shoe because it absorbs most of the forces of body weight and impact.

The midsole is an upper and outer sole layer. The midsole is made of EVA, EVA, polyurethane compressed or a combination of these materials. Some brand did most of their mid-sole material research and produced the latest mid-sole technology.

EVA gives lightweight cushioning material, but the player needs to compromise on durability while of another hand, PU (Polyurethane) offers good cushioning and gives the best durability.

Construction of Shoe –Outer Sole:

Basketball shoe’s outer sole material must be durable and should be equipped with perfect shape and gripping pattern to deliver the best traction force for you.

Most of the basketball shoe sole is fitted with a herringbone pattern that provides optimized traction force with motion control factor required in a basketball game. The basketball shoe’s outer surface must be flat to provide basketball players stability and control.

Traction Force from Shoe Sole:

Basketball shoe’s traction force is a crucial parameter. The force of traction is the force used to move a body and a surface of a basketball court or any tangential surface.

Basketball player requires traction force to get better movement and speed in the game — the critical role of sole outer players in generating the force of traction.

Players need to optimize the shoe traction force. Sole outer surface should equip with better material and flatter surface to get better traction force.

Now, maybe when it comes to basketball sneakers, I’m just really picky, but there’s a reason!

Good basketball shoes are essential because:

  • Take hold of the floor and allow fast cutting and crossing
  • They protect your knees and feet and reduce the stress.
  • Fit comfortably and tightly lock your feet.
  • They support your ankles and protect them from rolling.
  • Sole Should be wide and thick as compared to shoes used in indoor sports.
Best Basketball ShoesDetailsCheck Price
1.Nike Hyperdunk Black
1. Light Weight
2. Works for all position player
Check Price
2. Adidas Performance Men’s1. Nice classic, stylish looking shoes
2. Traction is quite good
3. Under Armor Men’s Curry 31. Excellent traction on clean and semi-dusty courts.
2. UA shoes have amazing step-in comfort.
4. Under Armor Men’s Ua Curry 2.5
1. Under Armor Curry 2.5’s upper materials are very durable.
5. Adidas Performance Men’s Basketball Shoes1. Shoes have excellent traction.
2. The mesh upper seems to be durable.
6. Under Armor Men’s ClutchFit Drive 31. UA basketball shoes feel comfortable.
2. Good performance and quality.
7.Nike Lebron XVI
1. Premium materials
2. Traction works well even on dusty courts.
8. Adidas Performance Men’s CrazyLight1. Premium materials
2. Adidas Crazy light Boost 2018’s traction is really great, especially on clean courts.
9. Adidas Men’s Dame 5
1. Responsive Bounce cushioning
2. Very comfortable
10.Adidas Men’s Dame 3 CNY Basketball Shoes
1. Bounce Cushioning works well.
2. Very comfortable
3. Fair price
11.Male Classic Wearable shoes1. Bounce Cushioning works well.
2. Works for all position player
12. Adidas Men’s Crazylight Boost 20181. Amazing traction
2. Works for all position player
3. Works outdoors

Good basketball shoes are going to help you make the most of your game!

I’ll show you the top 12 basketball shoes currently on the market in this article and help you to find the perfect model for you!

How did I come up with this list?

Every shoe I can’t test. Some shoes might be great for me personally, on my own, and even if I did, but they might not work for you. You need more than one opinion to judge the performance of basketball shoes accurately!

Luckily, on sneaker blogs and YouTube channels, you can find a ton of shoe reviews! You can get a better idea of which shoes are going to work for you and which are not going to.

But it required a tremendous amount of time to read or watch all these reviews, believe me, I did it! I decided to visit a website that summarizes all the reviews.

Alright, let’s get to it! These are the 12 best basketball shoes.

1. Nike Hyperdunk Black


Nike Hyperdunk Black 1

The versatile low – profile design and the use of innovative materials provide dynamic cushioning and good support feet.

The upper shoe was made in Fly knit technology that provides flexibility and a good stabilization of the foot while maintaining adequate aeration. Also, upper it has been enriched with links Flywire, which complement the effect of technology Fly knit and support the ball of the foot.

Nike Zoom Air gas cushion and Phylon foam execution midsole provide cushioning. Rubber and tread extended until the side walls of the shoe sole give the dance floor good adhesion.


  • Weight: 362 g. / 12.77 oz
  • Color Black
  • Type: HIGH TOP
  • US Shoe Size Availability 7-13
  • Uk Shoe Size Availability 7.5 -11
  • EUR Shoe Size Availability 42-46
  • Light Weight
  • Works for all position player
  • Comfortable Cushion
  • Traction loses its grip on dusty courts.
  • Rubber outsole is pretty soft.
What I Liked?
I have used a lot of Shoes in my life, But I liked in this Shoes is it’s fully Ligh weight and it Works for all position player.

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2. Adidas Performance Men’s Cloud Foam Illation Mid Basketball Shoes


Adidas Performance Men’s Cloud Foam

The Adidas Cloud foam Isolation Mid has a mid-cut design for added ankle stability. There is a lace-up closure for a custom fit. The breathable lining of the fabric provides a great feeling in the shoe. The sock liner Cloud foam helps to secure the foot into shoes.

Ultra-comfortable and breathable, with Cloudfoam sockliner and midsole, memory foam footbed, and an upper tongue and collar that allows for exceptional airflow.


  • 100% Leather/Fabric
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately mid-top from arch
  • High-top basketball sneaker featuring 3-Stripes logo at sides and perforations for ventilation
  • Lightweight Grippy rubber outsole Air mesh tongue, collar and rear quarter CLOUDFOAM sock liner, and midsole
  • US Shoe Size Availability 4-14.5
  • Uk Shoe Size Availability 3.5 -14
  • EUR Shoe Size Availability 36-50
  • Comfortable and good soft cushioning
  • Nice classic, stylish looking shoes
  • Traction is quite good
  • Not durable enough
  • The leather upper is a bit inflexible.
What I Liked?
In this shoes the speciality is it’s Ultra Comfortable and with the Pure Rubber Sole. also it’s Nice classic and Stylish looking shoes.

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3. Under Armor Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoes


Under Armor Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoes

In the last few years, Stephen Curry has dominated the basketball game, leading the Golden State Warriors to an NBA Championship and back – to – back finals. Earning multiple All-Star bids along the way and following MVP awards.

A new season is on us, calling for Curry’s third signature shoe to be released. The Men’s Under Armor Curry 3 Basketball Shoes may still be the series ‘ best iteration.

A great number of users remark that these Steph Curry shoes have amazing step-in comfort. Also, a lot of wearers appreciate the fact that the Meta-wing carbon fiber shanks give excellent support.


  • UPPER: Suede
  • MIDSOLE: UA Charged Cushioning System
  • OUTSOLE: Rubber
  • US Shoe Size Availability 7.5-16
  • Uk Shoe Size Availability 6 -15
  • EUR Shoe Size Availability 40-50.5
  • Excellent traction on clean and semi-dusty courts.
  • UA shoes have amazing step-in comfort.
  • Capable of wearing the shoes most of the day.
  • The laces are difficult to tighten.
What the best thing in these Shoes?
The best thing of these shoes is it has excellent traction on clean and semi-dusty courts. The shoes are priced well, according to a handful of buyers. Also you can see the Buyer reviews of these shoes are Wonderfull. it has around 173 Positive reviews on Amazon.

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4. Under Armor Men’s Ua Curry 2.5

 Under Armor Men’s Ua Curry 2.5


The UA Curry 2.5 is designed for players with dynamic skills, providing elite support, cushioning, and comfort. Powered by technologies developed for Stephen Curry, the most unguarded player in the league, this shoe performs on every stage.


  • External PU shell provides durable support & structure
  • Asymmetrical entry combined with burrito tongue construction for a comfortable, snug fit around the ankle
  • External shank & heel counter deliver locked-in stability through heel, arch & forefoot to provide support & eliminate sliding.
  • Oversized UA license plate logo & custom designed laces for an elevated-on court design
  • ETC® Anti-friction top cloth reduces heat to help keep the foot cooler
  • Full-length Charged Cushioning midsole absorbs impact & converts it into a responsive burst to improve first-step speed & change of direction.
  • Multi-directional Organic Herringbone outsole offers maximum floor control & grip.
  • Under Armor Curry 2.5’s upper materials are very durable.
  • Under Armor Curry 2.5’s shoe to provide great ankle support.
  • The shoe is a little bit hot and builds moisture during use.

Video Review:




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5. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoes


Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoes

The Adidas Crazy Explosive is considered one of 2016’s best basketball performance shoes. It’s versatile and suitable for everybody player type.

It provides a plush ride, responsive cushioning boost, good comfort step – in, excellent protection against impact, great traction, and solid foot containment.


  • 100% Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately High-Top” from an arch.
  • boost is our most responsive cushioning ever: The more energy you give, the more you get
  • Xenon upper
  • Updated lacing system for reduced pressure on laces
  • Comfortable textile lining
  • Tinted TPU wrap over boost midsole
  • US Shoe Size Availability 4- 14.5
  • Uk Shoe Size Availability 3.5-14
  • EUR Shoe Size Availability 36-50
  • Shoes have excellent traction.
  • The mesh upper seems to be durable.
  • Shoes provide great support.
  • Heavy Bulky and uncomfortable
  • Upper is very stiff.

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6. Under Armor Men’s ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes

Under Armor Men’s ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes


A more supportive design takes into account the needs of the court’s more significant players. ClutchFit allows the shoe to adjust to the shape of the foot, which in turn helps guards and other defensive players to move fast and gracefully.


  • ClutchFit Upper
  • Lightweight
  • Ortholite Sock Liner
  • Anti-Odour Technology
  • Achilles Pillow
  • External Heel Counter
  • Innovative Bear-Trap Lacing
  • Charged Cushion Midsole
  • Shock Absorption
  • Herringbone Traction Pattern
  • Multi-Directional Herringbone Outsole
  • US Shoe Size Availability 7- 16
  • Uk Shoe Size Availability 6-15
  • EUR Shoe Size Availability 40.-50.5
  • UA basketball shoes feel comfortable.
  • Traction is excellent on clean and semi-dusty courts
  • Good performance and quality.
  • Ankle collar is flimsy.
  • The Clutch Fit upper is not breathable.

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7. Nike Lebron XVI


Nike Lebron XVI

Engineered for the world’s strongest player, LeBron 16 provides a powerful mix of support, impact cushioning, and instant response.

The tongue and lacing allow for easy entry and custom fit, so you can lock in and wear loose when needed.


  • Heel pull tab
  • Debossed graphic on external heel counter
  • Embossed details on the tongue
  • Color Shown: Black/Metallic Gold
  • US Shoe Size Availability 6- 18
  • Uk Shoe Size Availability 6-15
  • EUR Shoe Size Availability 40-50.5
  • Premium materials
  • Traction works well even on dusty courts.
  • Good performance and quality.
  • A little bit Expensive (But Overall Performance is Wonderfull)

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8. Adidas Performance Men’s CrazyLight Boost Low Basketball Shoes

Adidas Performance Men’s CrazyLight Boost Low 2016 Basketball Shoes


The improviser rules supreme in a game where anything can happen. These basketball shoes, built for the player with a quick handle, have an ultra-light upper made of synthetic and textile jacquard featuring a design inspired by New Orleans ‘ great jazz improvisers.

You get a secure fit with a molded heel collar, while boosts stores and releases energy with every step.


  • Jacquard upper
  • Comfortable textile lining;
  • Back collar inserts for extra comfort
  • Enhanced midfoot stability for ultimate lockdown
  • Molded TPU eye stay piece and heel cup for enhanced lockdown and stability.
  • US Shoe Size Availability 4- 14.5
  • Uk Shoe Size Availability 3.5-14
  • EUR Shoe Size Availability 36-50
  • Premium materials
  • Adidas Crazy light Boost 2018’s traction is really great, especially on clean courts.
  • Adidas basketball shoe provides midsole them to impact protection and energy return.
  • Good performance and quality.
  • Heel slippage
  • Needs working on shoe’s aesthetics.

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9. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Adidas Men’s Dame 5


These low top basketball shoes, made to play fresh out of the box, are designed for the signature style of Damian Lillard.

They are built with a textile top and feature flexible cushioning on each step – back jumper for lightweight comfort. The outsole of the herringbone allows you to change direction on a dime.


  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure
  • Textile upper with a padded internal pod system
  • Textile lining; Herringbone-pattern rubber outsole
  • Flexible Bounce midsole cushioning.
  • Soft feel
  • TPU midfoot overlay
  • Imported
  • US Shoe Size Availability 2- 15
  • Uk Shoe Size Availability 6.5-17
  • EUR Shoe Size Availability 34-48
  • Responsive Bounce cushioning
  • Very comfortable
  • A small space in the toe box

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10. Adidas Men’s Dame 3 CNY Basketball Shoes

Adidas Men’s Dame 3 CNY Basketball Shoes


Built for the tough but quiet style of play by Damian Lillard, these basketball shoes have a breathable mesh upper with a boot build for a secure lockdown as you break into the basket.

The “CNY” Adidas Dame 3 features a black, white and red colorway that remains tuned to the uniform of the Portland Trailblazers. You can find the year of the Rooster thematic graphics on the midsole.


  • BOUNCE provides energized comfort for all sports, all day
  • Breathable mesh upper with TPU-coated yarn for durability; Bootee construction for a snug and secure fit
  • Open collar for easy entry; Multiple lacing options for personalized fit
  • Comfortable textile lining
  • US Shoe Size Availability 4- 14.5
  • Uk Shoe Size Availability 3.5-14
  • EUR Shoe Size Availability 34-50
  • Bounce Cushioning works well.
  • Very comfortable
  • Fair price
  • Heel slippage

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11. Male Classic Wearable Cushioning Sports Sneakers ABAN079

 LI-NING Wow 7 Series Wade Men Professional Basketball Shoes Male Classic Wearable Cushioning Sports Sneakers ABAN079


Wade’s newest signature sneaker features a white/black colorway with a black mesh heel collar sitting above a toe box and mudguard in full patent white leather.

A large black Way of Wade seal appears directly below the laces on the white patent leather, and the shoe also features a white midsole with a carbon fiber plate and a translucent outsole for a genuine premium look.


  • Rubber Outsole material
  • Cotton fabric lining Material
  • PU+FabricUpper Material
  • Heel solid carbon fiber plate Stability
  • Layered vamp structure | Support and protection
  • Internal sock structure | Comfort and flexibility
  • Carbon fiber shank | Torsional resistance
  • Double layer anti-slip texture outsole composed with Wade logo| Friction
  • US Shoe Size Availability 6- 15
  • Uk Shoe Size Availability 5-14
  • EUR Shoe Size Availability 38-50
  • Bounce Cushioning works well.
  • Works for all position player
  • Nice classic, stylish looking shoes
  • A little bit Uncomfortable fit at the ankle

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12. Adidas Men’s Crazylight Boost 2018 Basketball Shoes

Adidas Men’s Crazylight Boost 2018 Basketball Shoes


The Adidas Crazy Light Boost 2018 features full-length Boost cushioning for a comfortable, responsive feel while keeping you low to the ground.

A foam-filled Achilles pillow adds even more comfort, allowing you to stay focused on the game at all times. If you’re looking to give your game a boost, then this is the basketball shoe for you.


  • Breathable textile upper lets you stay light on your feet for quick movements.
  • TPU wrap adds support during lateral movements.
  • Foam-filled Achilles pillow offers a comfortable feel in a key area.
  • Full-length Boost cushioning offers a responsive feel and complete comfort with every step.
  • Non-marking runner outsole provides durable traction.
  • US Shoe Size Availability 6- 15
  • Uk Shoe Size Availability 3.5-18
  • EUR Shoe Size Availability 36-50
  • Amazing traction
  • Works for all position player
  • Works outdoors
  • Nice classic, stylish looking shoes
  • Heel slippage

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Are you choosing the best Basketball Shoes to Fit?

You need to consider a lot when looking at the basketball sneaker’s fit. During and after exercises, your feet will tend to swell, and you want one that will have a little stretch to accommodate that, you also need to make sure the size you’ve chosen isn’t too small or too large, either way, it might be disastrous and dangerous on the court.

After a day at work, or immediately after your gym workout. This is likey when your feet are to get swollen, and you need to make sure your foot stays comfortable in your product regardless of whether or not it is swollen. Another great tip is wearing the socks in which you plan to play. If you fit thin ankle socks in your shoes but play in thicker socks, you might find that you’ve chosen a size that’s too small to fit your socked foot.

To determine whether You’ve got the correct size. You’ll need a finger width between your toes and the toes at least product tip; this is to make sure that the toe curve does not restrict or squeeze your toes when playing. Weight is a different consideration. You don’t want one when you’re playing that will weigh you down. If you need a little more support, though, to get what you need in a high-top one.


Having the best basketball sneaker isn’t guaranteed to make you play like a pro, but it will improve the level of comfort, stability, grip and support you get from the sneaker to focus on your fame and take it to the next level. If you want to improve your game seriously, buying the right sneaker is imperative. Style, fit, traction, comfort, and breathability are the factors that matter most in a basketball sneaker.

Top Pick Nike hyper Dunk Black 2016

I choose Nike hyper black dunk because it is very comfortable and lightweight. The Nike Hyper dunk has boasted legendary performance since 2008 Nike Hyper Dunk Basketball Shoe needs no gimmicks to stand out. Zoom Air units deliver best-in-class cushioning, while a dynamic lacing system keeps your foot snug and secure so you can concentrate on your game and nothing else.

Premium Choice Adidas Men’s Dame 3 CNY Basketball Shoes

A great sneaker is the Adidas Dame 3. In each category, it is very well rounded and will accommodate most players and shapes of the foot. The Adidas Dame 3 is all about the materials that balanced durability without the need for break-in time, from the traction to the plush and bouncy cushion. It is not the lowest price sneaker of the Three Stripes. For those reasons, I have to choose it as my premium choose.

Great Value Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Another great offer from Adidas is our choice for great value. In addition to being an excellent basketball sneaker, the Performance Men’s Cloud foam is Also reasonably priced; it’s going to give you a big bang for your buck. With a durable and lightweight leather top, these high – top basketball shoes will give you the most in ankle support and stability.

The sneaker’s tongue, collar and rear quarter is meshed to allow you to keep your foot cool during the game for the airflow you need. The Cloud foam sock liner and midsole are the defining feature of these basketball shoes. The Cloud foam will make sure that your foot is not only safe in your sneaker but also ultra-comfortable with a lightweight cushioning. The sneaker’s rubber outsole provides traction, which has a great traction pattern to provide the grip you need when you move around the court.


There are so many questions come in your mind when you are planning to buy basketball shoes. When you want to buy a product online there are many things you have to consider before placing an order. Here are the most  frequent questions that buyers ask.

How basketball shoes should fit?

Buy the right size! Make sure your toes have enough room with a broad toe box. Always stand up when trying basketball shoes and make sure that you have a thumbnail’s length of space between the top of your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Check that your heel fits comfortably and doesn’t slip.

How long do basketball shoes last?

NBA players rarely use a basketball shoe for 7 – 10 days before replacing it with a new pair of shoes. A positive secondary by-product of frequent shoe change is that of shoe gear – to – foot protective influence and external forces stability of the ankle.

How tight should basketball shoes be?

Your heel supposed to feel firm and snug in the shoe, helping to stabilize your foot. The heel may be slightly moving, but should not slip up or down or out of the shoe.  That motion should not exceed the fingernail length in the toe area.

Why basketball shoes are important?

During practice and game, the right basketball shoes prevent ankle and foot injuries substantially. They protect your feet in the basketball court from all running and jumping on the hard floor. For comfort, the right shoe should have the proper cushioning, support your ankle, and excellent support for grip.

Are basketball shoes good for walking?

Basketball shoes are extremely popular for streetwear. If you like basketball shoes, by all means, wear them to every casual occasion. You might want to get a pair of lower cut styles because some basketball shoes have a very high collar around the ankle that can reduce your mobility when walking.

Can you wear basketball shoes outside?

The cardinal rule is never to wear your indoor shoes outside. Doing so can cause your basketball shoes to lose both grip and color faster. If you avoid exposing them to the elements, they will likely last much longer. By only wearing your shoes on the court, you can keep them cleaner as well.

Can basketball shoes cause knee pain?

Ankle sprains, the common basketball curse, have caused the sports shoe to develop curiously. Now, you run an even higher risk of knee pain if you wear high top shoes with cushioned soles.

Can basketball shoes be washed?

Put your basketball shoes in the washing machine: Machine washes are too harsh for shoes and can damage or discolor the materials. Use strong washing detergent or harsh chemicals: Always use eco-friendly laundry detergent.

How to stretch basketball shoes?

Put on a thick pair of socks and slip on your shoes (or as thick as it fits!). While wiggling your toes and bending your feet inside the shoe, aim for a hairdryer on the tight section for a few seconds. Keep the shoes on as they refresh. Repeat the process if you need more space.

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