Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 2021

According to medical research, Plantar Fasciitis is a heel pain disease. The cause of this pain is the occurrence of inflammation of a thick band of tissue that affixes the heel bone to our toes. It appears mostly early in the morning when you take your first step.

The pain also occurs after a long time standing or when you suddenly stand up after sitting a long time. Plantar Fasciitis is a general pain in runners, overweight people, and those who wear imperfect shoes while running. The Symptom of Plantar Fasciitis is commonly stabbing pain under the bottom of your heel. It does not appear when you are walking, running, or exercising. You feel it when you abruptly stand up, want to move quickly and after exercising.

The function of the Plantar Fascia in our foot is to support the arch area of our foot and consume the shocks when we walk. In the case of increasing stress, stretching, and tearing on the plantar fascia (that is in the shape of a bowstring) can irritate it. 

There are some factors that can develop the risk of increasing pain in Plantar Fasciitis. The most common factors are varicose age, some imperfect exercises that place a lot of stress on your heel and connected tissue, long-running with inadequate shoes, dancing, obesity, and those occupations that keep you standing up on your feet such as factory works.

It is the most heckler issue for basketball players. In this article, I am going to tell you what you should do to avoid the pain. The selection of the right shoes is an effective step to offload the pain. I have listed the best shoes for you. Let’s check them with their specifications and convenience. 

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List of the best Plantar Fasciitis Shoes in the market

1- NIKE KD 8 Men’s Basketball Shoes

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Our first product to reduce Plantar Fasciitis is “NIKE KD 8 Men’s Basketball Shoes”. This is the top market selling brand on Amazon.

The outsole, midsole, heel counter, and insole of the shoe have been designed very supportive and comfortable.

The sole, inner and outer material is made with high-quality synthetic. It protects the shoe for a long-lasting time and provides softness and soothing effects to your foot.

The toe box is very cushioning, and you would never feel pain while you are running as fast as you can. The upper fabric covers the entire foot and saves your foot from unexpected injuries.

The counter of the shoes has enough strength that it can bear as much pressure on your foot as you can put. It gives you extra strength to run fast and quickly.

The most important parts of the shoe are the heel, waist, and sole. The elevated heel elevates the back part of your heel and gives your feet more cushioning and comfortable effects. 

The design of the heel is specially made for athletes and those people who have commonly face the problem of Plantar Fasciitis.

The performance of the shoe is all in all very good. The sole of the shoe provides extra calmness and energy to your heel, bottom area, and toes. The “NIKE KD 8 Men’s Basketball shoe” lets you play freely not only on the court but also on the rough areas. 


  • Powerful sole for the protection of a bottom area of the foot
  • Elevated heel design helps to offload the shocks
  • Zoom air technology makes it breathable
  • Control the balance and protects from slippage
  • Beautiful design with a bunch of colors combination


  • Low-top does not protect your ankle from unexpected injuries

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2- Adidas Crazy Explosive: Perfect for Plantar Fasciitis

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If you google the best shoe brands in the world. You will see Adidas at the top of the list. Adidas Crazy Explosive is the top branded shoe of Adidas. It has been built especially for the people who have been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis issue.

The material of the shoes is unparalleled in the history of shoes. The basic purpose of Plantar Fasciitis shoe is to support “Metatarsls, Achilles Tendon and Calcaneus parts of the foot. The use of these parts is common in the foot, and they have to bear more shocks and pressure than other parts of the foot. Adidas Crazy Explosive is enough to support and protect your foot from running, exercising, and court shocks and pressure.

The shoe covers your foot completely, and its internal and external synthetic material provides you calmness, cushioning, softness, and absorb perspiration, which can irritate you during and after the game. The thick and soft pad covers the front area, and closure lace-up gives extra strength and energy to your foot for running.

It is compatible with people who have Plantar Fasciitis problems. The toe box, sole, waist, and heel have been designed in such a beautiful form; if you start using this shoe regularly, I am sure you will be free from Plantar Fasciitis worry. The heel of the shoe is very supportive and comfortable for the heel. The rubber sole provides extra strength to the bottom of your foot.


  • Excellent grip
  • Provides the best protection to the required areas of the foot
  • Inner sole drinks the shocks and pressure of court and ground
  • Recommended by the medical association
  • Breathable and absorbs the sweat


  • N/A

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3- Under Armour Lockdown Basketball Shoes

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The third product on our list is “Under Armour Lockdown Basketball Shoes.” Either you have been playing a basketball game for a long period, or you are a beginner. “Under Armour Lockdown” is the best choice for your feet. It keeps your feet warm and balances your blood pressure with its amazing protection. It is the best choice for Plantar Fasciitis of athletes.

Senior athlete players and doctors recommend it highly to wear if you do physically heavy work. “Under Armour Lockdown” have amazing results and reviews on amazon. Buyers are 100% satisfied with its performance.

The design of the shoe represents its worth, durability, and value. The toe box and upper part completely cover the front part of the foot. The counter has been designed with a synthetic fiber cloth. The heel, waist, and sole of the shoe are made with pure rubber.

The rubber pure rubber sole keeps safe and sound the bottom of your feet. The elevated heel protects the heel well and provides extra cushioning to Calcaneus. It is very comfortable and useful for runners and especially for aged persons. 


  • The wide sole gives extra protection.
  • Helpful to stable the balance
  • Provide extra protection to Achilles Tendon, Calcanius, Phalanges, and Metatarsals.
  • Attractive design
  • Positive reviews


  • Heavy-price
  • Size issues

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4- Air Jordan 34 Super Light Shoe

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Basketball players like to play in lightweight and comfortable shoes. “Air Jordan 34 Super Light Shoe” is one of them. This is the first shoe that has two logos of two brands Nike and Air Jordan. The shoe has an amazing attraction. The design and color combination of red, black, and white colors put a high impression on buyers’ memory.

This pair of shoes is very lightweight; therefore, it is named Nike Air Jordan. It works in all conditions very well. It helps to run fast, move quickly, and avoid slippage. This pair of shoes is also prominent for its double signature feature.

It has become so popular and the most influential item among athletes, especially basketball shoes. The Nike Air Jordan has all the necessary features that should be in a basketball Plantar Fasciitis shoe.

The basic purpose of a shoe is to protect and provides relaxation to your foot. The design of the sole, internal and external area, toe box, and counter keep relax your foot and eliminate the pain.

I bet that once you wear the “Nike Air Jordan 34 Super LIght Shoe,” you will never use any other shoe. It fixes your feet to the ground and controls your balance well. The eclipse plate gives stability, supports your foot, and keeps it engaged to the ground during unexpected movements.


  • Unique design with a beautiful color combination
  • Powerful sole to give cushioning to your foot before and after the game
  • Lace-up Closure feature
  • Stylish and very comfortable design
  • Rubber out-sole enhances the grip on the court


  • Not available in all sizes

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5- Adidas Crazylight Boost – Basketball Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

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This pair of shoes of Plantar Fasciitis is lightweight and with low top shoe features. It is not much expensive than other products, but it has a wonderful ranking in the list of Pantar Fasciitis shoes.

It is one of the favorite shoes of basketball players since 2016. The rubber sole makes a full grip on the court as well as on the rough ground.

The basketball court is very slippage; therefore, it is vital to select that pair of shoes that do not slip on quick-moving, stop, and jumping.

Crazylight boost sole has been made of pure rubber that does not allow the shocks to irritate your plantar fasciitis. The upper material is made of fine fabric.

The fabric keeps your feet warm and absorbs perspiration. It provides you with a huge value of cushion and warmness. 


  • The synthetic material is very comfortable.
  • The molded heel is perfect for Plantar Fasciitis
  • Lightweight and keep relax your feet
  • Rubber sole provides maximum grip to play a long time


  • Not fit for slim feet
  • Do not protect your ankle properly.

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6- NIKE Lebron Witness 2 for Plantar Fasciitis

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Our last product of Plantar Fasciitis is “Nike Lebron witness 2”. If you are a stylish boy and know the worth of attractive objects in your life, then this Plantar Fasciitis should be your best choice.

The elegant look and style of Nike Lebron are unmatched in sport’s shoes. Its slim and smart features specialized it and made it a unique article in the world of sports shoes.

The lace-up feature gives your feet complete lockdown protection and makes your steps comfortable. The upper part is made of fine synthetic fabric to give your toes and the upper part of the foot full softness.

Big pad, counter, and mid-top features protect your ankle completely. The most attractive part of Nike Lebron Witness 2 is its stylish and unique design of rubber sole.

The maximum elevated heel gives your heel full protection and does not allow the bottom tissue to break. The slim and smart waist and elevated toe box give more energy to your feet’ bottom and plantar fasciitis.


  • Sleek and subtle design
  • Very good to reduce the pressure
  • Give you proper lockdown
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Heavy-duty performance


  • N/A

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How to Select the Best Basketball Plantar Fasciitis Shoes?

All of the top-ranking brands like Adidas, Nike, Air Jordan, Under Armour, and Reebok produce the best products. All of the shoes are very comfortable and durable, but you should check the material, size, comfortability, durability, and maximum protection before buying.

The Material of Plantar Fasciitis Shoes:

Plantar Fasciitis shoes are especially for athletes who have to run long-distance and aged persons. Their heels bear very much shocks and pressure during the game and practice. Therefore they should select those shoes that are very comfortable for walking, running, and jumping. The rubber sole and synthetic leather or synthetic fabric are the best material for Plantar Fasciitis Shoes.

The size

The second important thing is the size. As you know, the price of sports shoes is very high. They are not affordable for the common person. Therefore it is essential to check the size. Different Sports shoe brands have a different number of their shoes. For example, if your regular shoe size is 8, it might be possible that you may fit 7 or 9 sports shoes. 

Some more features

Durability, cushioning, and performance of the shoes do a lot of matter in the field of sport. If you are a regular basketball player, then absolutely you know the worth of these things. 

Final words

“Health is Wealth” is a famous saying. Sports keep us healthy, but improper exercises and unhygienic food may lose your stamina before age. So it is necessary to improve your abilities on both levels internally and externally as well.