Top 6 Best Basketball Face Mask

A face mask is a common object that people use to protect themselves from airborne contaminants like viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other micro-organisms. We see players in Football, Hockey, American Football, Rugby, Soccer, and Basketball on the T.V or in the arena. They all have to run, jump, hit, and stop the ball.

We see that all the professional players have worn the mask. The Basketball players also wear the Face Mask. Why do the Basketball players wear the Plastic Face Mask in the first place?

Is it possible for players to wear different types of Face Mask in the match?

I am going to elaborate on some drastic information for you. After reading this article, you will know every reason for the practice of wearing the Face Mask. You will also know how you can secure your quality Face Mask for personal use.

 People ask me through E-Mails 

Why the Basketball players wear the Face Mask? What will happen if the players of Basketball do not use the Face Mask? I have tried to answer all of the questions in this article. Let’s discuss this topic in detail.

In the field of Sports, players also use the Face Mask. If you are a Basketball player, keep reading because it will be very crucial for you. 

Basketball players use a face mask to protect themselves from the risk of injuries. Every field of sport has its necessary protective pieces of equipment.

These protect the players and provide them extra strength, energy, and confidence to play fearlessly.

During the game, players have been running, jumping, and moving very quickly, as they want to win the match. In sports, it is widespread for the players to collide with each other and fell.

If the players do not wear the Face Mask, their nose, teeth, or jaw may easily break by other players’ hits. A broken nose or any other part of the body may keep you on bed rest for up to 10 weeks.

It means you cannot participate in your sports field for 3 months. To stay on bed rest for three months means your career is at risk.

There is no doubt that no one wants to kill his career for such a long duration. Therefore it is the best idea to wear the Face Mask during the game. It saves you from unexpected injuries of the face, eyes, and nose and helps you focus on the game.

 What type of the Basketball Face Mask do we buy? 

Face Masks are available in the market in all sizes and brands. But the availability of several options may confuse you. Don’t worry; I will discuss some important branded masks that Basketball Professional Players have used. But generally, you can divide them into two specific categories: Custom-Made Face Mask and Generic Face Mask.

 Custom-Made Face Mask 

The Custom Made Face Mask is specially prepared to measure the face size of a player who will use it. It is typically an expensive mask, and you have to pay a little more extra money to order the custom-made Face Mask. But the advantage is the fitness will be superb.

 Generic Face Mask 

Generic Face Mask is not much expensive. You can buy it easily.

1 Mueller Face Mask

Best Basketball Face Mask

Mueller Face Guard is famous for its unparalleled qualities in guarding the face against nasal and zygomatic bone injuries. It is a very protective product.

The Mask protects your nose, face, eyes and covers your face very well. You can secure your broken nose against re-injury. The Mueller Face Mask is such a beautiful product that it can use all types of players. This is made with Polycarbonate that is shatterproof and is of medical-grade material.

The Mueller Face Mask has a strap that is used to fit the mask according to your size. The strap is strong, secure, and sticky, as it does not move down during the game. The mask is so comfortable and durable.

  • It helps to protect your face from injuries
  • Ideal Mask for Basketball and Baseball
  • Made of Polycarbonate and medical-grade
  • Comfortable for Men, Women, and Children
  • Two Thick Pads
  • Not good for wrestling
  • It does not prevent sweat drop into the eyes

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2Qiancheng Face Mask for Professional Players

Qiancheng Face Mask for Professional Players

Qiancheng Face Mask has been made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate can resist Ultraviolet radiation and protects the face nicely. It has enough ventilation holes that help to breathe without any hurdle. Its black color makes it people’s first choice.

This Face Mask has a long strap, which means measuring it according to your face and nose. The material has been used very high quality and durable. The Qiancheng Face Mask has an extra feature. It has designed with EVA foam padding.

The EVA foam padding does not let the sweat drop into your eyes. It sucks the sweat around your eyes and provides a nice softness and cushion. In short, the product is the best to protect against fractures, nose, face injuries, and perspiration.

  • It helps to protect your face from fractures of the facial bones
  • Pad style sucks the perspiration
  • Lightweight and fully adjustable elastic strap
  • Superior quality
  • Not suitable for children and Teenagers
  • Available only in one size
  • Only for Basketball and Football players

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3Aurafix Orthopedic Face Mask for Men, Women, and Children

Aurafix Orthopedic Face Mask for Men, Women, and Children

The third top Face Mask in the world is Aurafix Orthopedic Face Mask. It has been tested medically and recommended for those who have already broken their nose.

This is the masterpiece of engineering in the field of Face Mask. Its unique style and design take the attention of the buyers. Head and nose pads add the feature to it. These pads help to bear up the hardest hits, either Basketball or personally. The Mask is perfectly comfortable and allows for complete focus.

The Basketball players have reviewed positively on Aurafix Orthopedic Face Mask. Aurafix’s exterior surface has been made with plastic, while the interior side is designed with a Terrycloth which absorbs a large amount of perspiration. The engineers have particularly made it for children and women.

  • Perfect for already broken nose players
  • Best for especially Women and Children
  • Adjustable and compatible straps
  • Padding style on the forehead and besides the nose
  • Plastic material has been used minimum
  • Especially for small faces people

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4Sports Knight Face Mask

Sports Knight Face Mask

Sports Mask is one of the best face masks in the world. It covers all of the areas of your face and protects you well. The plastic is made of fine polycarbonate material that won’t shatter.

It has adjustable, strong, and flexible straps. Once you have set it, it would not shake from its place. There are also pads on both sides of the cheeks. Padding means your face is secure and won’t be affected by hard polycarbonate plastic material.

There are also two big holes in the eyes. They let the air go in and out. All the professional Basketball players recommended it for the best performance.

  • Made of strong and reliable material
  • Flexible straps
  • Thick Pads
  • Polycarbonate Plastic Face shield
  • It covers whole the face
  • N\A

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5Safe T Guard Protective Face Mask

Safe T Guard Protective Face Mask

SafeTGuard is very different than all of the previous masks. It is made of Acrylic plastic material with extreme strength, stiffness, and durability.

Acrylic made frame assists to keep away impacts of the sunshine and hits of basketball and personally. This Basketball Face Mask is specially made for broken nose players.

Its design describes its function accurately. It can use anyone over the age of 12. The SafeTGuard Protective supports your Head and Nose perfectly.

  • Unique style
  • Durable material
  • Easy to fit
  • Useable for everyone
  • Recommended by Professionals
  • Do not cover the face full
  • Easy chance of hitting the ball

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6Bangerz HS-1500 Face Mask

Bangerz HS-1500 Face Mask

The last product is Bangerz Face Mask. If you want a cool and handsome look, you should try Bangerz Basketball Face Mask.

It has all features that should be in the best mask-like: two adjustable straps, polycarbonate nose shield, head and cheeks covering pads for sweat absorbing, and keep your face clean.

Its Head pad absorbs perspiration and saves your eyes. You can see clearly and visualize every aspect of the game, which is a particular specification for every athlete player.

This is one of the masterpieces on the market. Its EVA padding design gives you maximum protection and calmness.

  • High-quality product
  • Prepared on the base of medical specification
  • Strong Polycarbonate material protects you against heavy injury.
  • Heavy-duty Straps
  • N\A

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Buying Guide – How to Select The Best Basketball Face Mask?

To select a Face Mask, You should follow the given instructions.

 1- Durability and Strength 

This is one of the best and important facts to select anything. Not only in the case of Basketball Face Mask but in every field of life, when you want to purchase anything, this is the very first thing that you need to ask. To check the Durability and strength, you should read the given instructions on the packet.

 2- Visibility 

During the game, this is very important to keep an eye on every opponent player’s action. If you are not active, you will lose the game. But I am sure that none of the players wants to defeat. Therefore visibility in the game does a lot of matters. Therefore you should select the Face Mask that is very helpful in visual to play well with others.

 3- Fit and Stability 

Basketball Face Masks are so much expensive. Therefore when you want to purchase it, keep in mind that it should fit your face. The straps help to fit the Face Mask accurately. Make sure that straps are enough for your face.

 4- Comfort 

Comfortability does a lot of matters in the game. If you are not comfortable with your uniform, shoes, sleeves, and face mask, you cannot play properly. The basketball game is tough and rough. While you are playing the game, you will be perspired. The perspiration flows into your eyes and teases you the game. It may distract your attention and brings uncomfortable.

Final Verdict

Basketball is a tiresome and tough game. When two teams have been playing, players get hit by the ball or collided with the opponent players.

It is part of the game on which none of the players can protest. But if you are injured seriously, you and your career would be at risk.

Therefore to protect you in a better way, every athlete player should use protective pieces of equipment. I have tried to mention everything about the Best Face Mask and recommend the best Face Mask for you. Know it is up to your choice which is best for you.