Top Rated 5 Best Basketball Books

Haruki Murakami said:

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”  

Books are the best friends. They never tell a lie. Books build up your courage when you are in distress. They teach us those things which we cannot know without them. 

This article I have specially written on the topic of the best basketball books. I have tried to tell the basic concepts and introduction of the books, but if you want to read the full book, then you have to purchase it. These are very extraordinary books. I have selected the books on different topics so that you may get maximum knowledge of basketball.

 Let us read them one by one.

List of the best Basketball Books for Coaches and Players

1- “Toughness” by Jay Bilas

Jay Bilas has been a famous Basketball player, Basketball coach, Broadcaster of ESPN. And now, he has been serving as a Counsel of litigation. He wrote a book on the topic of Toughness:  Developing True Strength On and Off the Court, in which he discussed his autobiography as a basketball player. 

He tells us in this book about the difficulties of his basketball career. These difficulties are not about financial problems but about the skill of playing basketball. 

The main idea of “Toughness” is the secret skill of victory. It is also an ability to improve the skill of playing.

  •  Michigan State coach Tom Izzo always says, 

“Players play, but tough players win.” 

Jay Bilas discusses in his book that the toughest player must know how to

  • set a good screen and force the defense to make a mistake
  • set up hard cut and get you a basket
  • talk on defense and communicate with their teammates
  • jump to the ball and take away it to the side of the cut
  • play with hands up
  • get a sense of urgency not to get screened
  • focus onto the man and the ball
  • get on the floor
  • post the defensive man
  • run hard on the floor and get basket easily
  • get to help your teammate first
  • come from the weak side and take a charge
  • work to finish every play

Jay Bilas says that the ability of toughness does not occur with big size, physical strength, or athleticism. It comes with the birth of passion, devotion, and dedication. 

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2- Russell Rules by Bill Russell and David 

“Russell Rules” has been written by two writers, “Bill Russell” and “David Faulkner.” This book is about the history of Bill Russell’s basketball career. Russell was born on 12th February in America. He joined the NBA for the Boston Celtics in 1956 and retired in 1969. He has set a successful history in basketball. The Celtics had won eleven NBA championships during his sports career. 

In his book “Russell Rules,” Russell has explained his greatest successful professional career. Through the reading of the book, we came to know about the secret that made him the greatest winner in sports history. 

  • He used to say: “Players should be measured by their ability to connect with other players, not by statistics.” 
  • According to him, the definition of a Championship is that:  “It’s much harder to keep a championship than to win one. After you’ve won once, some of the key figures are likely to grow dissatisfied with the role they play, so it’s harder to keep the team focused on doing what it takes to win.”

In this book, he expresses his deep experienced of attaining success in his personal and professional life and describes the eleven essential steps that made him a star of the NBA. If you want to be a successful basketball player, then you should order it and read it thoroughly. Because this is not just a book, this is a book of Leadership. 

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3- The Women’s Basketball Drill Book by (WBCA)

Benjamin Franklin says,

“Tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I may remember, involve me, and I learn.” 

The upper quote expresses the importance of training and practice very well. This session will learn about a book that teaches us how to play and practice basketball games. 

Women’s Basketball Coaches Association has introduced the book “The Women’s Basketball Drill” for the best match-winning exercises.

The book has three parts.  In the first part of the book, we come to know about:

  • 1- Training and Conditioning
  • 2- Offensive Skills
  • 3- Defensive Skills

The second part tells us what the moving drills are, dribbling drills, passing drills, offensive screening drills, shooting drills, offensive rebounding drills, and offensive transition drills.

The third part tells us about the footwork drills, defensive screening drills, defensive rebounding drills, defensive transition drills, perimeter drills, post drills, and team drills. 

In this book, each aspect of basketball training, offensive and defensive skills has been described. This is an ideal book for learning the basketball game accurately, not only for the students and professional players but also for coaches.

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4- “Michael Jordan: The Life” by Roland Lazenby

This book is about the life of Michael Jeffrey Jordan, the “GOD OF BASKETBALL.” His worldwide fans have given this title to him. The writer has discussed Jordan’s early life, college career, basketball professional career, national team career, and personal life. 

Jordan’s sports career in the National  Basketball Association consisted of 1984-2003. He is the greatest basketball player of all time and has won 6 times NBA championships. He was awarded NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Awards.

The list of Michael Jordan’s basketball sports career is huge. I have mentioned some of them.

  1. NBA Most Valuable Player Award (three times)
  2. All-NBS Team (three times)
  3. NBA All-Rookie Team 
  4. NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award
  5. Bests NBA Player ESPY Award
  6. NBA All-Star Game Kobe Bryant MVP Award (three times)
  7. John R. Wooden Award
  8. Oscar Robertson Trophy
  9. USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year
  10. NCCA Division Player of the Year

These awards are just of his basketball professional career. There are many more awards for him that have been awarded on a national and international basis. Jordan is an iconic player in the field of basketball.

I highly recommend you to order this book right now because this book is not just about basketball but has unlimited motivational features in the time of difficulty. 

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5- NBA Coaches Playbook: Techniques, Tactics, and Teaching Points by (NBCA)

The National Basketball Coaches Association has written this book for beginners and professional coaches. In this book, the “NBCA” has described all rules and regulations of coaching and told how to coach a basketball team?

A good coach is always well trained, skillful, and a man of letters. He knows what the coaching skills, rules of the court, rules of the game lock, key points, violations, fouls, penalties, drills, and the importance of team management are. Besides the coaching rules, he should also have the ability to understand the behavior of players and teach them according to their ability. 

The purpose of this book is to teach the basic rules of basketball to the players and coaches. Therefore it is essential for players and coaches to read it on a daily basis so that they can become professional champions and coaches. 

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6- “How To Be Better At Basketball In 21 Days”  by James Wilson

James Wilson has written this book. He has written this book to drastically improve basketball players’ basketball shoot, passing, and dribbling skills and learn the basketball players’ basketball skills, strategies, techniques, and rules as early as possible. 

James has set a timetable of 21 days for learning basketball. As we know that struggle is the key to success. This short timetable can never be enough if we are not dedicated, devoted, and sincere to our passion; then, we cannot overcome this short-term recipe. 

The best way to learn and practice this book of rules is to get the help of some professional basketball player or coach so that you may read and do it practically on a regular basis. 

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Final Words

Books create the difference between literate and illiterate people. All of the progress in the world is the result of books and education. Without books, the world is just a dead land. 

Mark Twain said:

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”