Basketball Shoes vs Running Shoes (Ultimate Guide)

Running is very different from playing a basketball game. A basketball game is played on just a court that consists of just 91.86ft long and 49.21ft wide. While the runners have to run a marathon race of 42.195 kilometers. It is very easy to understand the difference between these two separate categories. Basketball shoes are designed to make a powerful grip on the court. 

These shoes have a thick sole, high-top style, heavy leather, and all in all very heavy. On the other hand, running shoes are very light-weight. Runners have to run for a long time on a daily basis and they need more traction, cushion, power, and energy to run. While the basketball players need not run and jump like the runners. On the basis of these shreds of evidence, you cannot use basketball shoes for running.

You cannot be a good runner until you will not use proper shoes. Improper shoes will make your feet exhaust early. They can also hurt you very seriously and you may get serious injuries like ankle, feet, and knee strains. For better pieces of information about running and basketball shoes let us peruse some merits and demerits of them. 

Hurdles of wrong shoes according to the medical research

1- Bruised Toes and Toenails

Bruised toes and toenails are a very serious foot problem. It does when you wear narrow or smaller shoes. If you get this problem, your nails cause blackening or loss, and when you wear an open shoe your feet will look ugly. Moreover, you cannot run properly which means you will lose your game. Therefore you should wear those shoes that are half a size larger than your actual size. So that you may run fast without any hurdle.

2- The Arches Ach

Our feet are our strength. Imagine if you want to be the top runner in the world. Is it possible without feet? Exactly! no, Similarly like that nobody can be a good run without a perfect supportive shoe. The best shoes always provide the best “Arch Protection” to the runner. Runners have to cover a long distance and their feet’ bottom part has to bear a lot of pressure and shocks. Therefore you should select those shoes that can standby with your feet until the end of the race. 

3- Blisters, Calluses, And Corns

These injuries happen when you have been using narrow and tight shoes for a long time. Narrow shoes rub your feet regularly and enhance the pressure and friction upon the feet. 

4- The Toes Graze The Tip of The shoes

The toe box of your shoes should have enough space for your toes to move ahead easily. If you run a long distance the whole with wrong shoes your feet will be paining over the night and you cannot run the next morning. 

5- The Shoes Are Old

It is very important and necessary to change running shoes every month. The professional runner recommends that you should change your shoes after 400 miles of running. Wearing worn-out shoes never give you comfortability, cushioning, and proper running style. You can also judge your shoes by creases and flattening of the sole. This is the best relic of an old shoe. 

6- Rashes and Blisters 

Old shoes may create rashes and blisters problems for your feet. It happens when you feel the wetness in your shoe after running. It means your shoes do not absorb the value of perspiration and your shoes have been worn out. 

What Are The Specifications Of The Perfect Running Shoes?

1- Lightweight:-

Running shoes are always lightweight. Lightweight shoes are very helpful to run. You never tire of lightweight shoes and day by day you will notice your running speed is going faster. 

2- Support:-

Running shoes should be always supportive. A supportive shoe has a powerful sole to bear the shocks and support the bottom arch, heel arch, toes, and plantar fasciitis to work properly. A supportive shoe has enough room in the toe box and allows your toes to wiggle free of freedom. 

3- Low-Top style:-

Low-top style shoes offer you maximum power and energy to move ahead. It allows the heel arch to move properly. Low-top shoes do not grab your ankle. It is very necessary for a runner to run without ankle hurdles. 

4- Cushioning:- 

Running shoes must have a cushioning feature. Running shoes must be filled with a lot of padding stuff to provide your foot cushioning, and protects them against any unexpected injury. 

Importance of Selecting the Right Type of Running Shoes

1- Maintains the Shape of Your Feet:-

A perfect pair of shoes not only help you to run fast but also keep the shape of your feet accurate. Remember! Old shoes cannot maintain your feet. They will affect your feet very badly.

2- Avoid Pain And Blisters:-

The best kind of shoes never hurt you. They protect your feet and avoid pain, swelling, rashing, and blisters problems.


Perfect running shoes always help you to avoid serious medical problems like Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis, Stress Fractures, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Bunions, Corns, and Neuromas can be appeared. The best way to avoid these things you just follow the given instructions. I hope, after reading this article you will no longer worry about selecting Running shoes or Basketball shoes.